Celebrating 25 Years of Forming Minds, Heart, and Souls

The 2017-2018 school year marks 25 years since St. Joseph Catholic School opened its doors! During this anniversary year, we invite you to celebrate with us as we look back on a quarter century of memories and milestones. Look for vintage St. Joe’s photos to be appearing, school trivia contests, an anniversary t-shirt, a special video series, and more! Finally, be on the lookout for a save the date to a 25th anniversary party you will NOT want to miss. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Used Uniform Sale Aug 15, 17, and 20

The used uniform sale will be held on campus in the Meeting Room on selected evenings the week before school begins. This is the final school year that Educational Outfitters brand uniforms may be worn. Uniform sales will be at the following times:

  • Tuesday, August 15 from 5:00-8:00 PM
  • Thursday, August 17 from 2:00-7:00 PM
  • Sunday, August 20 from 6:00-7:00 PM

Student Summer Travels: South Africa

St. Joseph’s hit the world stage this summer with two separate international student trips, to South Africa in June and Italy in July/August.
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The group visiting South Africa was led by faculty member Leigh Berman, who said of the eighteen travelers who joined her, “Our students had the trip of a lifetime as they opened their hearts and minds to the various people and places we encountered. They were moved by the beauty of the land, the diversity of the people, fauna and flora, and we may even have even eaten (mopane) worms once!”
From visiting Regina Mundi, the largest Roman Catholic Church in SA and a meeting place for those working to overthrow the apartheid regime, to trying their hands at African spear throwing, climbing to the lighthouse at the southernmost point of the African continent, swimming in the Indian Ocean, seeing elephants, lions, buffalo, penguins, warthogs, five different types of antelope and a host of other animals, various exotic flora and fauna including proteas (SA’s national flower), dancing with Zulu dancers, spending a night in a traditional African beehive hut, meeting, talking with, cooking and sharing meals with Zulu, Xhosa and people of Malay descent, learning to introduce themselves in a native language, to spending a day with students at the Inanda Seminary School (the first black, all girls school started by American missionaries in 1853 to help educate young black women in South Africa), they did it all! 
For many of our students, although the scenery was beyond breathtaking, the personal experiences and interactions with locals were what will tie them to Africa for life. The visit to the Inanda Seminary, along with a tour of an African township called Kliptown in Soweto (near Johannesburg) were the most profound part of the trip.  We met well educated people who were living in conditions none of us could imagine – no running water, no electricity and double digit numbers of people living in incredibly small spaces (Kliptown). Our students were struck by the community they saw and that the children seemed happy. At Inanda Seminary School, two of our students were paired with two of the girls and attended several classes together.  We also ate lunch with the students.  Our kids did not want to leave and would happily have stayed on for the rest of our time there. We were all deeply moved by the limited conditions in which the girls live and work – and achieve excellent results. The girls do their own laundry (by hand) and iron their beautifully crisp uniforms on shelves since there are no ironing boards.  They stay four to a “room” (open plan with 23 other girls in the dorm) and do all their own cleaning upkeep.  The assistant principal, a teacher and our bus driver all commented on the love way our students showed to the Inanda girls, how happy the Inanda students were and how the love that our students brought them would sustain them in challenging, lonely times. (The girls can go home only once a term and get homesick, etc.). I was struck during the school visit as I was many other times during our travels at how generous, kind and tender-hearted our students are. While we may not always see this side of our students at school, to a person, they were fully engaged, interested in everything around them, and they thoroughly embodied the mission of the school.  Truly, their minds, hearts, and souls reflected Christ in their interactions with the South African world.
On the trip were:
Ashley Caputo
Tara Conty
Davis Cooney
Cammie Egan
Antonia Gacha
Cece Hendricks
Catalina and Brad Lindstrom
Justin May
Ryan Mclear
Katy Permanente
Weeks Poole
Vanesa Rodriguez
Cian Rusnak
Gabi Sammon
Matthew Snow
Maegan White
Jeffrey Woodward

Student Summer Travels: Italy

SJCS Fine Arts Department sponsored a week-long trip to Italy this summer during July-August.  While the trip was postponed from Spring Break, making it much hotter, everyone had a great time! The highlights of the trip were generally agreed upon as being the papal audience, the Blue Grotto, Assisi, and Florence.  The 29 students, parents, and faculty chaperones all had a great time and a variety of experiences.  Hopefully, this trip will encourage others to travel and to appreciate great art, sculpture, and architecture. Thank you for your support and prayers during our travels!

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