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In-house recruiting pushes St. Joseph’s boys tennis team to new heights

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At the end of last season, St. Joseph’s Catholic School tennis player Mack Self came to Coach Kevin Meyer with an idea. The Knights had just finished the year with a .500 record and had lost to Christ Church 7-0 in each of their three matches.

Self’s idea was to recruit several students from the St. Joseph’s student body who had typically played only year-round competitive tennis.

Self’s determination paid off as the Knights finished the regular season with a 10-0 record, secured the No. 1 seed in the Upper State for the Class AA playoffs and beat Christ Church for the first time in school history.

Self said getting junior Brandon Hodge and sophomore Nick Loudermilk to play for the team was a no-brainer.

“Recruiting Nick and Brandon to play on the team this year seemed necessary,” Self said. “I told Coach Meyer at the end of last season that we really had a chance to be good if we could get these players to play. Maclean Armstrong and I eventually convinced them that we had a real chance to win the state title if they would play.”

The Knights will begin their quest for that state championship at 4 p.m. Monday when they host Christ Church in a second-round playoff match. St. Joseph’s received a bye in the first round.

“The fact of the matter is we haven’t been in this position,” Meyer said. “I am encouraged by the regular season we have had.”

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Hodge and Loudermilk play year-round, but they chose to play for the high school team.

“I realized we’d have a very good team for (Class AA) and that we could possibly win state,” Hodge said. “As the season went on and we were undefeated, the thought of the team completing an undefeated season also drove me.”

Loudermilk wanted to win a title with his classmates.

“I chose to play high school tennis because I wanted to get a feel for playing tennis with a team rather than just individually,” Loudermilk said. “I feel that playing as a team has allowed me to grow as both a teammate and a player.”

Meyer, in his second year as coach at St. Joseph’s, graduated from Bishop England in 1986.

“To me personally, it has been a real enjoyable experience,” Meyer said. “We were fortunate enough at Bishop England to win a state championship my junior year. Even back then, (Christ Church) was the team to beat. To me, it’s meant a lot.”

In addition to earning the No. 1 seed, the Knights have beaten Christ Church and Southside Christian twice each and later beat Class AAAAA J.L. Mann at the end of the regular season.

The wins over Christ Church are a huge accomplishment for the Knights’ program because the Cavaliers have won the Class AA or AA/A state championship a state-record 25 times. The Cavaliers have won the Upper State every year but one (2009) since 1998.

Ironically, the Knights will face those same Cavaliers in their quest for a title.

“My advice is take it one match at a time,” Meyer said. “Embrace every opportunity. You never know when you are going to have the opportunity again. I want to see them make the most of the opportunity.”

St. Joseph’s defeated Christ Church by the same 5-2 score in both matches. However, Meyer said both could have easily gone either way. He is very much looking forward to the postseason.

“I wish we didn’t have the layoff,” Meyer said. “I do trust these guys to continue to train. Like I said, most of them are year-round type players. We will be ready to go (Monday).”

PLAYOFFS UPDATE – Soccer, Track & Field, Tennis

Boys Soccer defeated Greer Middle College 2-1 Saturday night in a gripping over time finish. Playoffs overtime consists of two 10 minute halves played until the end, and an early goal by the Knights meant 13 minute of holding the lead against a very strong GMC team. Congratulations on a great victory! Next round is tomorrow, May 8, against Gray Collegiate.

Boys Tennis takes on CCES tonight at 4:00 PM in pursuit of the State title. Remember, our boys have played an undefeated 10-0 season, defeating CCES twice. Come out tonight and cheer them on! Also, read all about this season’s journey in the Greenville News. Tonight’s lineup:
#1 Nick Loudermilk
#2 Brandon Hodge
#3 Maclean Armstrong
#4 Matthew Jacques
#5 Mack Self

#1 Doubles: Nick Loudermilk/Brandon Hodge
#2 Doubles: Patrick Reese/Collin Maides

The Boys and Girls Track and Field teams had a very successful day at the State Qualifiers on Saturday as well! There is no “winner” per se at this meet, just those that place in the top 8 of the state and get to move on to the state championship next Saturday. The following will be competing Saturday, May 12 for 2A State Championship:

Bissinger, Annika
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 800 Meter Run
3 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Team A #0
4 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Brice, Averi
1 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Dobson, Ava
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 3200 Meter Run
3 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Linen, Caroline
1 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Team A #0
2 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

McTigue, Lauren
1 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Mulholland, Elaina
1 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Alternate
2 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Alternate

Norton, Helen
1 – High Jump

Poinsette, Isabel
1 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Alternate

Powers, Madison
1 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Alternate

Turcotte, Madison
1 – 400 Meter Hurdles
2 – 4×400 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Bennett, Brandon
1 – Triple Jump
2 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Team A #0
3 – 100 Meter Dash

Bennett, Braydon
1 – 110 Meter Hurdles
2 – 400 Meter Hurdles
3 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Team A #0
4 – 200 Meter Dash

Clemence, James
1 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Alternate

Davenport, Marcus
1 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Team A #0
2 – 200 Meter Dash
3 – 400 Meter Dash

Greggs, Quint
1 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Alternate

Hine, Isaac
1 – 400 Meter Hurdles

Lyons, Mark
1 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Alternate

McElveen, Nick
1 – 4×100 Meter Relay – Team A #0

McTigue, Brendan
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 3200 Meter Run
3 – 800 Meter Run
4 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

McTigue, Dylan
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

McTigue, Tristan
1 – 3200 Meter Run
2 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Alternate

Palmer, Zac
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 800 Meter Run
3 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

Powers, Josh
1 – 1600 Meter Run
2 – 3200 Meter Run
3 – 800 Meter Run
4 – 4×800 Meter Relay – Team A #0

2017-18 Third Quarter Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to all of our students who made the Third Quarter Honor Roll! We are proud of your hard work and dedication.

High Honors

All grades 90 and above in all classes

Hannah Adams
Isabella Adams
Rose Adams
Brigid Alvis
Eliza Anderson
Lane Anderson
Julia Arnett
Maeve Arnett
Miller Babcock
Maggie Barr
Bryn Bissinger
Martha-Glen Boggs
Anabella Bonnert
Averi Brice
Max Bridges
Emily Broderick
Sandon Brown
Shelby Casey
Emma Cervetti
Anthony Cinquemani
Marett Cole
Emma Cumby
Lindsey Cummings
Luke Cunniffe
Emma Curran
Kaitlyn Dach
Adrianna Delacruz
Isabella Delacruz
Ava Dobson
Samuel Dobson
Logan Dodge
William Doyle
Riley Dunn
Anna Evancho
Connor Farrell
Mary Kate Farrell
Brady Ferguson
Lucina Frank
Patrick Frank
Emily Garceau
Anna Scott Gardner
Allison Gerac
Jessica Gerac
Hannah Gertz
Alex Gillespie
Rachel Girvin
Riley   Gopalakrishnan
Sara Gushue
Matthew Hall
Rachel Hall
Chandler Hargett
Elizabeth Harris
Maja Hawthorne
Mary Louise Heroman
Charlotte Horin
Abby Horne
Graham Houck
Anna Impeduglia
Grace Ireland
Julia Jacques
Lyle Jones
Mia Kim
Daniel Klosowski
Helen Kopscik
Patrick Kucaba
Victoria Kucaba
Gabe Lagleva
Josh Lagleva
Kylie Larkin
Mary Leong
Thomas Leong
Reagan Lillibridge
Caroline Linen
Chloe Lonergan
Nicholas Loudermilk
Caroline Lyerly
Drew Lyons
Mackenzie Manfredi
Liv Martin
Gianna Marullo
Alex May
Laney McKinney
Logan McMillen
Emily Meade
Kaitlyn Meade
Montgomery Meade
Vidya Mehta
Anthony Minerva
Roman Monitto
Karolina Montalvo
Ethan Montes
Hannah Moore
Juliana Moore
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morris
Dominic Mosley
Ellie Mullins
Jack Murphy
Annaliese Nelli
Gabe Nelson
Lindsey Netterville
Zana Norton
Blake Osborne
Sarah Paguaga
Maggie Patterson
Jordan Pearse
Elizabeth Poinsette
Isabel Poinsette
Jane Poinsette
Brogan Poole
Joshua Powers
Ava Quigley
Carolina Rocha Lima
Brian Rosenzweig
Isabella Ross
Palmer Saad
C.J. Sahlman
Margo Schellinger
Taylor Scott
Megan Seidel
Jason Sheldon
Colin Slater
Ella Starks
Francesca Strathern
Luciana Strathern
Caroline Stuart
Morgan Stuart
Cailin Sullivan
Elizabeth Tamura
Julia Thompson
Katherine Uprichard
Eric Van Emburg
Ben VanPelt
Julia VanPutte
Jack Velky
Davide Vetralla
Brandon Vogt
Russell Warren
Kevyn Watson
Cole Williams
Erica Wood
Mark Zakrzwski
Thomas Zakrzwski
Jenna Zuchowski


All grades 85 and above in all classes

Bianca Alabau
Katherine Alber
Patrick Alvis
Mendolia Anderson
Andrew Armstrong
Everett Babcock
Connor Bailey
Jack Bailey
Adam Balts
Timothy Barclay
Lucas Baumgarten
Will Bergman
Annika Bissinger
Luke Bynum
Ryan Byrne
Charlotte Carroll
Maria Clark
James Clemence
Victoria Cline
Margaret Coburn
Edie Cole
Ann Rose Conner
Davis Cooney
Charlie Covington
Johnny Covington
Emily Crosby
Jessica Crosby
Andrew Cuppett
Nick Cuppett
Daniela Demas
Jack Doyle
Grace Dumont
Brendan Dunlavey
G Fajardo
Hammond Fayssoux
Riley Fesler
Kimsey Fiddie
Christian Frank
Antonia Gacha
Caroline Gallagher
Maria Gelpi
Karoline Gillespy
Emily Gushue
Ethan Hammond
Sarah Harris
Kate Harrison
Christopher Hattan
Lillie Hecker
Jonathan Heijjer
Lindsey Beth Henderson
Brandon Hodge
Claire Hogan
Katie Hudak
Matthew Jacques
Preston Jennings
Karina Jimenez
Madison Kennedy
Gabe Kiser
Camilla Kress
Sylvia Kucinic
Ishan Lal
Dylan Lane
Shaun Lapinski
Lizzie Latham
Catalina Lindstrom
Elizabeth Loudermilk
Nico Ludkowski
Mark Lyons
Jack Malo
Bailey Manfredi
Madeline Manning
Cole Marlar
Justin May
Drew McCarthy
Mary Ellison McCoy
Dylan McTigue
Taylor Melzer
Alec Miller
Philip Mosley
Elaina Mulholland
Emily Mulholland
Shannon Murphy
Sami Nassif
Allison Netterville
Caleigh Noonan
Alice Norton
Helen Norton
Melina Norton
Reagan O’Shea
Michael Anne Pace
Walker Pace
Madison Patrick
Katy Permanente
Peter Permanente
Mia Piccuta
Nicholas Piccuta
Weeks Poole
Sarah Poteat
Madison Powers
Marta Ratkowski
Brynn Reese
Patrick Reese
Adam Rogers
Reagan Sahlman
Gabi Sammon
Elani San
Ted Sanchez
Joelle Saunders
Kate Saunders
Marie Schemitsch
Gracie Schirle
Emily Schmidt
Lauren Schofield
Kyle Schott
Emma Kate Seckinger
Abby Seidel
Micaela Sepulveda
Noelle Shorter
Kenzie Silver
Hannah Cate Smith
Ashley Spikings
Dillon Spikings
Meghan Spikings
Bennett Starks
Katelyn Supra
Caroline Tally
Kimmie Thompson
Kyra Thompson
Andrea Tolmos
Polina Vertegel
Dixon Watts
Maegan White
Lauren Willoughby
Conyers Wingard
Meredith Wiper
Caroline Wright
Andy Yang
William Zeimetz
Ashley Zuchowski


Playoffs Update – Boys Soccer Advances

On Thursday night the girls soccer team was defeated in the second round of the state playoffs by Greenville Tech by a score of 3-2.

Last night, our boys soccer team defeated Christ Church 3-2 in a thrilling match to advance to the third round of the playoffs. They will play Greer Middle College Charter here tomorrow at 5:00 PM, and fans should park in the grass lot near the baseball field.

The boys golf team placed third in the Region tournament in Gowensville. Ben Loudermilk shot a score of 4 under par 68 to tie for first in the individual competition. Loudermilk and Ryan Gorman both qualified to participate in the State Tournament as individuals. The Class AA Golf State Tournament will take place May 14-15 in North Augusta.

Also tomorrow, members of the boys and girls track and field teams will participate in the State Qualifier Meet at Memorial Stadium in Columbia to see who will advance to the State Championship meet which will take place in Columbia on the 12th at Spring Valley HS.

The boys tennis team will host Christ Church Monday afternoon in a second round playoff match.

Spartanburg Herald Features Coach Nash

Article Excerpt 

By Todd Shanesy
Spartanburg Herald Journal Staff Writer

Longtime Wofford offensive line coach lands job as athletics director at Greenville school

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Eric Nash stood at the back of a room last December and had tears in his eyes as he watched the official retirement announcement of legendary Wofford football coach Mike Ayers.

Some of that emotion, Nash admitted, was for his own uncertain future.

Nash had been offensive line coach at Wofford for 15 years, a career which began just one year after finishing as a standout player (three-time All-Southern Conference) for the Terriers.

“It was something I hadn’t needed to deal with,” Nash said. “Coach Ayers was always going to be there — until that day. And for the first time since I started a family, I was worried.”

Nash’s fears were realized. He wanted to follow Ayers as head coach at Wofford, didn’t get the job and ultimately had to part ways with his beloved alma mater, details of which he did not want to share.

“It was disappointing,” he said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

But less than two months later, a time spent praying and leaning on his Catholic faith, another door opened. Nash is the next athletics director at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Greenville. He has already been working with R.J. Beach, who will retire from that position on June 1.

St. Joseph’s has been listed as one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the country. The private school is on a 36-acre campus and includes a middle school as well. It is recognized by the Diocese of Charleston and accredited in athletics by the South Carolina Independent School Association.

“It’s a great place. It’s faith, academics and athletics. In a lot of ways, it’s like Wofford prep,” Nash said. “I believe that God does things for a reason. With how it all worked out, I don’t think it was just by chance. I think God needed to give me a kick in the butt to come here. And I really appreciate it.”

His office is part of a new wing, orange cones still blocking the entrance, and there is a smell of fresh paint. Pictures already in the hallway include some of Andre Stoddard, one of the most beloved graduates of St. Joseph’s and now a standout running back for Wofford. Nash sat behind his desk and his voice seemed to echo throughout a room still void of decoration and character.

Nash, a former All-American who was actually born on the Fourth of July (1980), followed his older brother, Brian, to Wofford from Sharpsburg, Ga. Eric spent one year in graduate school at South Carolina, studying physics and engineering, before applying for the offensive line coaching position with the Terriers. He and his wife, Dr. Erin Nash, whose medical practice is in Landrum, have two daughters, Stella and Nora, and a son, Mills. They live in Inman.

“This was a great opportunity for me and my family,” Nash said. “One of the attractive things to me is the thought of having my kids here someday. They go to Catholic school (St. Paul the Apostle) in Spartanburg and in not too many years, they’ll be old enough to be here.”

For the next month or so, Nash will continue learning from Beach, who has been at St. Joseph’s since 2015 after 21 years at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville.

End excerpt

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Spring Athletics Update

As April draws to a close, our varsity spring sports teams are wrapping up their regular season play and beginning state playoffs. We hope you will all go out and support our student athletes as they compete for region and state titles! See the Athletic Calendar for locations and game times.

Girls Lacrosse

The girls lacrosse team lost last Tuesday to Eastside High School in the first round of the Class 4A state playoffs and they have concluded their season.





On Tuesday the baseball team lost 4-1 to Abbeville HS in the first round of the the Class 2A state playoffs. This is a double elimination round. They will now host C.A. Johnson, from Columbia, today at 4:30 PM.





The softball team opened up up the Class AA state playoffs with a loss at Ninety Six HS. This is also a double elimination round, with the next game against Fox Creek on Saturday.





Boys Tennis

The boys tennis team finished the regular season with a perfect record of 10-0! This included two wins for the first time ever against Christ Church and a win against a very strong J.L. Mann team, making them Region Champions. The Class 2A state playoffs begin next Wednesday.



Track & Field

The boys track and field team won the Region Championship last night and our girls team finished in third. Select members from both teams will compete in the State qualifier on May 5th at Memorial Stadium in Columbia. Depending on their finish in that meet, select members will compete in the Class AA State Championship Meet on May 12th at Spring Valley HS in Columbia.





Our boys and girls soccer teams have completed their regular seasons and will begin playoffs next week. We will find out today who and where they will play.





Boys Golf

The boys golf team will compete in the Region Championship Tournament on May 1st. They will need to finish in first or second play in order to advance to the Class AA State Championship Tournament which will take place on May 14th and May 15th in North Augusta.


Our Lady’s Pantry Mural Dedication and Spring Visual Arts News

At the end of January, Art Teacher Deborah Pickard met with SJCS parent Maria Gray, who works for Catholic Charities, to make a plan for St. Joseph’s students and faculty to create artwork for a new healthy food bank, Our Lady’s Pantry. Fifteen students and two faculty painted 112 6″x 6″ canvases with 16 different fruits and vegetables – 7 canvases in each grouping. Also, Caroline Morris, Katie Hudak, Rachel Hall, Kate Harrison and Mrs. Pickard designed and painted a mural for the new food bank building.

You are invited to the mural dedication this Sunday, April 29th at 3 pm. The address is 2300 Old Buncombe Road, Greenville, 29609.

The Jubilate Guild donated the funds for the canvases and paint with funds raised from last year’s Jubilate Knight, so please be sure to come out again this year for Jubilate Knight on May 5th! Participation in the fine arts creates a very real impact on our students and the community, and we thank you in advance for your support!

In other news:
Matt Pelicano (late SJCS teacher Jeanette Pelicano’s husband) will have his first children’s book published this summer and asked for help with illustrations. Andrea Tolmos, Anna Impeduglia and Ashley Spikings will be illustrating his book and possibly other books in the future.

The following students represented or will represent SJCS in several art shows this spring.

  • Youth Art Month – Dominic Mosley, Katy Tally and Daniel Klosowski
  • Upstate High School Art Show – Andrea Tolmos, Andy Yang, Daniel Klosowski, Reagan Chittam, Catalina Lindstrom, Jack Doyle, Adrianna Vandross, and Caroline Morris
  • Congressional Art Competition District 3 – Andrea Tolmos
  • Congressional Art Competition District 4 – Ashley Spikings, Daniel Klosowski, Anna Wallace Clark, Andy Yang and Catalina Lindstrom
  • Gala – Katie Hudak, student artist; Anna Wallace Clark and Rachel Hall donated original artwork for auction
  • Completed 29 portraits for children in Puerto Rico through the Memory Project.

It’s been very busy 2nd semester! Thank you to everyone who participated!

2018 Annual Auction Gala – A Starry Knight

Continuing the celebration of the 25th Anniversary this year, the Annual Auction Gala, held Friday, April 20th, was A Starry Knight: Shining Christ’s Light for 25 Years. St. Joseph’s largest fundraiser of the year involves hundreds of hours of planning, and included all members of the SJCS family: students, staff, parents, friends, and community partners. This year’s Gala Committee was co-chaired by Mary Salgado and Michelle Mullins, and supported by a fabulous team of parent volunteers.

More than 500 guests enjoyed an evening of food, fun, and dancing while placing their Silent and Live Auction bids to financially support the Annual Fund – the 7% of St. Joseph’s budget not covered by tuition. The Annual Fund in turn supports: Financial Aid, Academic Programs, Athletics, Fine Arts, Campus Ministry, and Student Life.

Did You Miss the Gala? Give Today

The Development Office is thrilled to report a projected net contribution of approximately $285,000 to the Annual Fund as a result of the Gala! Thank you for your generous support of the mission of St. Joseph’s!

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Strengthening the Soul in the Weight Room

Lent may be over, but there’s one story that still has people talking. In the forty days leading up to Easter, Strength Coach Josh Reynolds used a beautiful means of blending his skills in the weight room with the opportunity for prayer and meditation of the Lenten Season. Every week, students and teachers gathered for a grueling Stations of the Cross Workout.

Music blaring, Reynolds led the participants through a high powered set, and then cut the music and shut the fans off for total silence in order to read a scripture passage from the Passion. “It was really moving, seeing a packed house for this,” said Varsity Boys Soccer Coach Frank Kucinic. “Coach Reynolds really provided a concrete focus on the sacrifice of Christ. The amount of work he puts in to promote a culture of health at St. Joe’s is really extraordinary. And not just with the student athletes, but with everyone who wants to learn.” Keep an eye out for more on future health initiatives from Coach Reynolds and Coach Kucinic!

Thank you Coach Reynolds!


Jubilate Knight for the Arts – May 5

The Fine Arts Department’s annual “Jubilate Knight for the Arts Talent Competition” is coming up fast! Make plans to join us May 5th for this family-friendly event, highlighting our artistically-gifted school community.

Doors will open at 6:00 PM and the Talent Competition will begin at 7:00 PM. Patrons will enjoy an evening of fabulous entertainment and can vote on their favorite acts to benefit our theatre, choral, dance, strings, band, and visual arts programs.

This year’s Jubilate Knight will not include a Giving Gallery of auction items. However, patrons can still make donations to support the Fine Arts programs.

Purchase Tickets

Boys Track and Field Wins Relay Second Year in a Row

St. Joseph’s Boys Track and Field was featured in the Greenville News following the Greenville County Track and Field Championships after they claim victory in the 4×800-meter relay for the second year in a row. See excerpt below and follow the link to read the full story:

One of the great things about countywide events is the opportunity for athletes from smaller schools to test their talents against those from bigger schools.

It’s especially satisfying when a group from the smaller school passes the test, such as the guys from St. Joseph’s, who won the 4×800-meter relay for the second year in a row Tuesday, the first day of the 50th Greenville County Track and Field Championships at Eastside High School.

They won in 4 minutes, 26.03 seconds, and they’ve kept up the pace despite the loss of Ford McCoy, a seven-time state champion in track and cross country now running as a freshman at Wofford College.

“Ford was an inspiration,” St. Joe’s coach George Carr said, “and once Ford graduated, they said, ‘We’ve got to step it up,’ and they did.” On Saturday, during the Bojangles Classic at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, a meet that gathers schools from throughout the Southeast, the St. Joe’s quartet of juniors Zac Palmer and Josh Powers, sophomore Brendan McTigue and freshman Dylan McTigue finished 12th in a personal-best time of 8 minutes, 8 seconds.

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Knights Tennis Defeats Powerful JL Mann Team

Continuing their historic undefeated season, Boys Varsity Tennis claims the victory over JL Mann 6-0 in the first-ever match played against our near neighboring school. “Our guys played very well in some rough, windy conditions. Mann is having a really good season and has a solid team,” says Coach Kevin Meyer. Going into this match, JL Mann tennis was 12-1 with 2 wins vs CCES and the only loss to TL Hanna 4-3. They have seven seniors on their team as compared to only two St. Joe’s seniors.

#1 Nick Loudermilk def Govindarajan 6-2, 6-1
#2 Brandon Hodge def Kulkarni 6-3, 6-3
#3 Maclean Armstrong def Brown 6-1, 6-3
#4 Matthew Jacques def Kneeland 7-5, 6-2
#5 Mack Self def Parsons 6-3, 6-4

#1 Not played
#2 Patrick Reese/Collin Maides def Henderson/Barkley 6-4, 3-6, 10-1

Quick turnaround Tuesday as we host Clinton, who we beat 4-3 earlier this season.
Go Knights!

Middle School Agape – Building the Whole Person

St. Joe’s has no lack of motivated students, but the Middle School Agape group is raising the bar. This Friday morning at 7:00 AM, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders filled the Meeting Room to gather with their friends for a common purpose – to be a mutual encouragement for each other as they strive to live their faith as Middle School students.

The students are led in prayer and hear from an upperclassman at each meeting, this week from Junior Abbie Panuccio. As a high school student on the Varsity Soccer team and a member of the Student Council, Abbie is a powerful voice and a great example of the fruitful mentorship our high school offers to the middle school.

As with the High School Agape group, which meets at the same time in the balcony of the JP II Center, the Middle School Agape is an open-invitation event. If your student is in need of encouragement or looking for a way to grow, this could be a great group for them to come check out! Middle School parents are also invited to gather in the Library during the meeting for fellowship, donuts and coffee.

To learn more, contact Campus Minister Gabe Lewis.

Four Seniors Participate in Spring Athletic Signing Day


Congratulations to the four seniors who committed to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level! Brandon Bennett Jr. will participate on the Track and Field team next year at Limestone College, Emily Lotts will play volleyball for Columbia College, G Hazelhurst will play golf for Erskine College, and Christian Castillo will play lacrosse for Queens University of Charlotte.

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Senior Drew Lyons Featured in Greenville Journal

“Our graduates are destined to change the world.” Most St. Joe’s families have heard this quote from our late founding Board Chair, Margaret Ann Moon. Drew Lyons from the Class of 2018 was recently featured in the Greenville Journal, and hopes to do just that.

Read Full Story

Article Excerpt:

“Success is measured by how hard you work for it. Some of us hope to become great athletes, while others aspire to become renowned doctors. It might seem difficult for someone to be both, a sort of modern-day Renaissance man, but there is one local high school student who appears to be on that path.

Drew Lyons is a senior at St. Joseph’s Catholic school in Greenville. Last year, he was among the .136 percent of test takers nationwide to score a perfect 36 on the ACT. He also scored an outstanding 1570 on the SAT, with a perfect 800 on the math portion of the test.
Lyons is also a team captain with St. Joseph’s varsity football team, the Knights. He’s an avid fan of the Clemson Tigers and Carolina Panthers. Without a doubt, Lyons’ favorite sport is football.”

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