UKnight Construction Project Update

Anyone who has been on the St. Joseph’s campus recently can feel the excitement around the new UKnight Building! The project is underway and moving smoothly. The conduits from the main building have been run to provide electrical services to the new building and framing has started on the second and third floors with rooms starting to take shape. The plumbing on the first floor is complete and is ready for concrete. St. Joseph’s families can expect to see the roof being put up, new HVAC units, and brick veneer in the upcoming weeks. Don’t blink; the building will be up and operational before you know it!

Varsity Volleyball Ranked #51 in Nation

The Varsity Volleyball team finished second in the Dorman Tournament of Champions over the weekend. Over the course of the two day tournament they defeated six 5A schools- Nation Ford, Hillcrest, Lexington, Wando, Mauldin, TL Hanna and one 3A SCISA school-Porter Gaud. The Lady Knights lost to Dorman, the #1 team in the state, in the championship game. The Lady Knights, with an overall  record to date of 25-3, are currently ranked #2 in the state and #51 in the nation!

Join us at home this Thursday night for MS Volleyball at 4 PM, JV Volleyball at 5:30 PM, and your Varsity Lady Knights Volleyball at 6:45 PM. GO KNIGHTS!

First High School Coffeehouse a Success


The SJCS Fine Arts Department and Jubilate Arts Guild hosted the first Coffeehouse of the school year on Friday, September 8th. The open-microphone event was hosted by seniors Robby Matlock and Sydney Read. High school students performed a variety of acts to entertain the crowd. Highlights included vocal and instrumental solos, duets, a group performance of “Hot Cross Buns”, magic tricks, and jokes. Members of the Fine Arts Honor Societies are responsible for the running of the Coffeehouses each year. Join us for the next Coffeehouse events: October 13th (Middle School) and January 12th (High School)!

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Accepting Nominations for First-ever Alumni Awards

To celebrate our 25th academic year, St. Joseph’s Catholic School is honoring our graduates by collecting and sharing stories of those who are already fulfilling the hopes of Margaret Ann Moon, one of our school’s founders, who believed that “our graduates are destined to change the world.” In keeping with our mission to form the minds, hearts, and souls of our students in the likeness of Christ, the school will award a Heart Award, a Mind Award, and a Soul Award to three graduates who are truly doing extraordinary things in their young adult lives.

The Mind Award will be given to a graduate who has made a significant contribution in the area of intellectual development, whether in education, academic research, commerce, social services, or the arts. The Mind Award rewards creative thinking and the implementation of new ideas in the community.

The Heart Award will be given to a graduate who has dedicated his or her talents to making life better for others. Areas of contribution could include social services, non-profit work, family life, professional services, business, athletics, and the arts.

The Soul Award will be given to a graduate who has made a significant and tangible contribution to building up the faith lives of others. This could mean someone who has entered vocational ministry or someone who has, through lay leadership and service, benefited their local parish, church, or parachurch organization.

Submit Your Nominations

Nominations will be accepted until
November 30th, 2017.

Please feel free to nominate more than one graduate for each of these awards, noting that the next opportunity to do so will be in five years when we re-open nominations!

Award winners will be notified by January 15th with the Awards being presented at St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s 25th Anniversary Celebration to be held on campus on Saturday evening, February 3, 2018.

We look forward to hearing your stories and celebrating together in February!

With Love and Prayers,

Keith F. Kiser

Women’s Golf Takes Second

Playing one of the most difficult golf courses in the state and down two players, St. Joseph’s girls golf team Wednesday took second in a 3-way match at Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer course.

Led by senior Carly Lyvers who shot 39, the Knights (6-1) posted a 198 total. Sophomore Caleigh Noonan fired a 47 while seventh grader Marett Cole had 53 and Kaitlyn Dumit shot 59.

Womens Golf

Daniel won the match with a 175 total. The Lions were led by senior Katie Whitfield who shot par 36. Greenville High’s low score was recorded by Sarah Kennedy who shot 47.

The Knights return to action Tuesday with a tri-match against Powdersville and Landrum.

Team: 1. Daniel 175, 2. St. Joseph’s 198, 3. Greenville 210.

Individual: 1. Katie Whitfield (D) 36, 2. Carly Lyvers (SJ) 39, 3. Gillian O’Brien (D) 43, 4. Emileigh Swords (D) 46.

Records: SJCS 6-1.

Class of 2018 Color Yearbook Ads

Space is limited. First come, first served!
Early Bird Special: Thursday, Sept. 14th, 2017

Discounted pricing: 1/2 page Ad $145 | 1/4 page Ad $115 | 1/8 page Ad $65
Final Deadline: Thursday, October 5th, 2017
Regular pricing: 1/2 page Ad $160 | 1/4 page Ad $130 | 1/8 page Ad $80

To order a Senior Yearbook Ad, please e-mail the yearbook staff, moderated by SJCS Computer Science Teacher Jen Collins, at with the following information:

  1. Indicate the size of the Ad (1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/8 page ad)
    1. 1/2 page size- 6 5/8 in. by 4 3/8 in.*
    2. 1/4 page size- 3 1/4 in. by 4 3/8 in.*
    3. 1/8 page size- Business Card size, 3 1/4 in. by 2 in.*
      *Sizes are approximate
  2. State the name of the senior as it should appear in the Ad
  3. Provide the text for your message to the senior
  4. Attach photos to be included in the Ad (Hard copies will not be accepted)
    1. Scan each image individually to increase the file size
    2. 6 photos or less for 1/2 page ad | 3 photos or less for 1/4 page ad | 1 photo for
    3. 1/8 page ad
Senior Ad example from the 2017 yearbook

Layout and design is different year from year
ad example

Once your e-mail is received you will get a confirmation e-mail from the yearbook staff and your student account will be charged. Because this is a student run class please allow 48 hours (M-F) for the e-mail since classes do not meet every day.

The yearbook staff will design the Ads using your photos and message. Please keep in mind that the more you write the smaller the photos will appear in the Ad. Senior Yearbook Ads are our first deadline in October so it is imperative that you turn in your Ads on time.

If you do not have digital files of your senior, you can take them to Staples, FedEx, etc. to have them scanned or scan them yourself at home. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the staff at

Only one Ad per senior may be purchased to allow space for all seniors.

Remember that space is limited. Submitting an ad does not guarantee a spot in the yearbook so get yours in early!

We are looking forward to helping you create a lasting memory for your senior!

SJCS Yearbook Staff

SJCS Carline Drop-Off/Pick-up Information

Middle School (MS) Drop-off/Pick-up:

Carpools (parents) that are dropping off a middle schooler are to use the MS carline that is located in the back of the school off of Ridge Rd. (next to the football stadium). **If your carpool includes a MS AND HS student, please use the MS drop-off.  This will help alleviate the HS carline.

High School (HS) Drop-off:

Carpools (parents) that are dropping off only HS students are to use the front entrance and drop-off at the sidewalk by the gym and the HS entrance. Please drive around the student parking lot and pull down the last row past the buses and around to the HS entrance. We ask that parents continue to fill in on the LEFT side UNTIL the little white “NO PARKING” sign. Once space is filled to the small white sign, please line up on the RIGHT SIDE STARTING at the SPEED BUMP. We do understand that it would be much less confusing if we simply followed the laws of traffic and took the first right into the student lot, picked our student up then exited towards the back of the lot by the buses all while staying on the right side of the road. Unfortunately, law enforcement has requested that we have as many cars as possible in our driveway and not on St. Joseph’s Drive, due to the large trucks entering and exiting Carmax and regular traffic trying to get through. Our current car line procedure allows for the greatest number of cars. We will have a staff member at the top of the hill (at the speed bump) directing traffic, allowing for people to make the left turn to exit, and allow for drivers to transition over to the left side. Please see the HS Dismissal Map for details.

HS Student Drivers (Juniors & Seniors):

Please make sure that you have your parking permit visibly on your car window. Beginning tomorrow, Aug. 30 you will receive a parking violation if your pass is not displayed in your car the window. These permits are static rather than a traditional sticker, so if you have another car that you might possibly drive one day, please transfer the sticker to that car and fill out another form with the car info and turn it into Mrs. Bell’s office.

  • 1st offense – written warning documented in Renweb
  • 2nd  offense – After-School Detention
  • 3rd  offense – Loss of driving privileges for 2 weeks
  • 4th  offense – Loss of driving privileges for rest of the semester
ALL Junior Student Drivers on Thursday Aug. 31:

All Juniors must park in the “overflow” parking located next to the baseball field on Thursday, Aug. 31 ONLY. We need your assigned spaces available for parents that are attending the Red Door Ceremony.

Sophomores Planning to Start Driving Sept. 11th:

Sophomores may begin turning in all parking forms and documentation Monday (Sept. 5th).  Please click Sophomore Parking Application to download all necessary forms (there is one additional). Parking passes will be handed out through HH on Friday, Sept. 8. Sophomores with a SJCS parking pass may begin parking in the “Overflow Parking” located next to the baseball field on Sept. 11.


Drop off/Pick-up for ALL After-School Activities:

All students must be picked up or dropped off in the HS lot (in front of the gym). The MS entrance is only available for school drop-off (7:30-7:50 AM) and pick-up (2:30-3:30 PM), it is used as the construction driveway at all other times.

Late Stay Pick-up:

Students must be picked up in the HS lot. Call Mrs. Quinones or Mrs. Lumbreras when you arrive and they will send your child out.

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