Class Retreats

Following the example of Christ, “who would often slip away to the wilderness to pray” (Luke 5:16), SJCS offers each student the chance to step away from the routine of daily life in order to “go up on a mountainside to pray” (Matthew 14:23) during the annual class retreat. These retreats are meant to be, above all, experiences of communion, charity, and joy where students can hear and see how Jesus of Nazareth brings new life to those who follow Him. Retreats offer students a space of freedom in which to hear and respond to Christ’s call. The retreats take place off-campus and are tailored to the human and spiritual needs of each age group.senior mission trip

6th Grade Retreat
7th Grade Retreat
8th Grade Retreat
9th Grade Retreat
10th Grade Retreat
11th Grade Retreat: Kairos
12th Grade Retreat