Congratulations Senior Spring Athletes!


Dominic Berning

Comments from Coach Turmon and Coach Anderson:  Talking with the coaches about Dominic, one of the things we all mentioned was how amazed we were with how he had transformed his body over the past three years. Working out on the football team, lifting weights with Coach Reynolds, and playing on our baseball team, those activities helped him get athletically fit. But his determination and perseverance to work harder than his teammates will carry him far through life as he plans for his future. Coach Anderson worked with Dominic this year to help him change his pitching style to throw sidearm. I wish we had tried making this change two years ago. After playing on our JV team for two seasons, Dominic’s playing time was limited this year, but Coach Anderson always said to me, “This young man works hard every day on hitting and pitching.” Dominic was always considered a team player by his teammates. He showed up every day to practice with the mindset to get better. Dominic, best of luck as you enter the military, joining the Air Force to fulfill your dream of becoming a parachute rescuer in special operations warfare.

Comments from Dominic:  My favorite memory from baseball was our first game this season against Whitmire and when I pitched a strikeout to end the inning in my first varsity submarine pitching debut. My words of wisdom for younger St. Joseph’s athletes are simply this: Work hard at every practice, because the coaches are always watching, and when you get that chance in the game, make sure you take full advantage of it.

Michael McLeer

Comments from Coach Turmon: I would first like to say thanks, Michael, for all the fun times when you have made us laugh in the dugout this season. I do not recall any other players whose attitude stayed positive all the time, always supporting the team whether you played or not. I also appreciated the leadership you demonstrated as team captain in setting a great example of sportsmanship and camaraderie for your teammates. Maintain your positive attitude; it will take you far in life.

Comments from Coach Marchal: When I think of Michael, I think first of an outstanding and respectful young man. He has also shown and demonstrated to be not only a fun-spirited team clown, but a great teammate and competitor on the mound that I grew very fond of dating back to his sophomore year. I knew and felt strongly that Michael was going to be very effective for us on the mound this season, his senior year, and he proved it in his first region start against Brashier. The season got cut short for Michael, but we will always appreciate, first and foremost, the young man he has become, and that his contributions made our program better on and off the field.  Michael will always be welcome at ‘The Castle!’ Once a Knight, always a Knight! Best of luck to Michael as he takes his journey to Clemson University next year!

Comments from Michael:  My favorite memory is cheering in the dugout with the team every game. I would tell younger athletes to keep working no matter your skill level, because enjoyment comes from your commitment and not your talent.

Marcos Salgado

Comments from Coach Turmon and Coach Miles: When I think of Marcos and what he brings to our team, I wondered where I should start. Talking with outfield Coach Miles about this young man, he couldn’t stop giving me reasons why Marcos was so motivating for our team.  In the words of Coach Miles, “Marcos was a player that I would discuss the next training drill for the outfield, and he would always say, ‘OK, Coach, I got it,’ without asking why or how, and then I would see him working with the younger players to make sure they understood how to do the drill and why they were doing it that way.” Having coached Marcos on the JV team for two years, Coach Miles commented on how he has grown into a leader on and off the field. His positive attitude and willingness to help his teammates, even after having to sit out last season due to an injury, is an inspiration. He concluded by saying, “This young man will go on to do great things in the world, for sure.” Marcos, I want to thank you for being such a kind young man. It’s been a pleasure having you in our baseball program. Coaching you has been nothing short of great.  Best of luck, Marcos, as you begin a new journey at Clemson University next year pursuing a major in Economics! – Coach Turmon

Comments from Marcos:  My favorite memory from baseball this year was our Saturday practice in the snow. My message to younger players would be to value every moment spent on the field, continue to work hard and have fun playing the game you love with your teammates. You never know when you’re going to play your last inning, so make every moment count. This game is special!

Thomas Werner

Comments from Coach Turmon: Thomas showed up on our baseball field last season after moving to Greenville from Clearwater, Florida. Early last summer, I received a call from his parents inquiring about our team’s workout schedule during the offseason. The prior season, we had several senior starters graduate, so that opened up several positions on our varsity.  Thomas came to St. Joseph’s at the right time for our program. Coach Bynum sarcastically nicknamed Thomas, “Mr. Excitement,” because he was so quiet, but when he stepped in the batter’s box, his bat spoke louder than his words. He worked his way into the lineup as a starting pitcher and second baseman. During the 2019 season, Thomas was our best contact hitter, batting second or third in the lineup. Thomas was awarded Rookie of the Year for his outstanding effort.

This past summer, before his senior year, Thomas had shoulder surgery. He worked hard to get back on the field, and we were hoping he would be fully recovered by mid-March. During the 2020 preseason, Thomas showed the leadership of a team captain, and he started the season as our designated hitter. Thomas, best of luck next year as you begin your journey to study mechanical or construction technology!

Comments from Thomas: My favorite baseball memory isn’t just being on the team. It was the community between the players. What made this spring fun was just seeing all the younger kids out there, giving them tips and pointers on what they were doing or what they could do better.  We all helped each other and lifted one another. I would like to leave the younger athletes with this: When things get tough and hard, never quit because when you start quitting on something like a sport, quitting on something more important in the future will be that much easier.

Boys Lacrosse

Witt Clary

Comments from Coach Knope: Thank you for coming out this year and being a part of the lacrosse team. It is so easy to coach a young man that wants to learn and improve. You were always a team player and made me feel like I was making a difference with you as a player and a young man. I look forward to following you in your future.

Comments from Witt: My favorite memory from this season was when someone missed their shot on goal at practice and it got stuck at the top of the fence. Collin decided to climb up and get it. We all watched in hope that he would not fall. On that day his name changed to Rocket Man the Spider Man. He eventually got it and climbed back down. My advice to the younger players is don’t be dumb — follow Coach’s offense.

Liam Connelly

Comments from Coach Knope: You are hands down the best at pumping up the team and cheering on and supporting your teammates. You are a true team player and Coach Paul and I wish you had been a part of the lacrosse program all four years. Thank you for all the hard work and good luck in the future!

Comments from Liam: My favorite memory from lacrosse is when Coach would put the biggest players against each other and watch us push each other around. I advise younger classmates to enjoy the sports they are in now and give everything you have, because you never know when it’s going to go away. 

Nick Crews

Comments from Coach Knope: When I think of you, I always think of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon when he is playing baseball, and he runs from position to position playing them all, and always to perfection. This was you. No matter what I asked, you did it and almost always to perfection. Your energy and love for the game and your teammates cannot be duplicated. You are truly a one-in-a-million kind of player and young man.

Comments from Nick: My favorite memory of lacrosse would easily be my freshman year when we played T.L. Hanna. The game was supposed to start at like 7, but there was a storm passing through, so we did not go out until 9. During the delays, our team got very hype in the locker room. It was quite an experience as we played music and danced in the weight room waiting to go out. We eventually went out and beat T.L. Hanna in the pouring rain under the lights. In terms of wisdom, I have a lot to pass on to the younger SJCS athletes. I am going to keep it short, though. The biggest thing I can stress is staying persistent when facing adversity. If you consistently handle any resistance or friction well, you will toughen your mind which will make you a better athlete. 

Mack Floyd

Comments from Coach Knope: Mack, just like the other first-year senior players, Coach Paul and I wish you would have played all four years. Your energy and grit were always great. I am not sure who was the most excited when you scored your first goal — you or your teammates. I will definitely miss your pajama pants. Please remember: There is always a time and place for a dog pile.

Comments from Mack:  My favorite memory of lacrosse was when the squadron dumped water on both of the coaches this season. This memory came with the last time I will ever chant with the boys and be able to live in the moment. If I could pass down something to my younger Knights, it would be to enjoy all the time you have with the boys and chant together as loud as you can.  #77/24Out

Brian Hoverath:

Comments from Coach Knope: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach you the last two seasons. I have enjoyed and taken pride in watching you grow and become a great lacrosse player. Please remember, like I always told you, do not always stand in the back hoping to be noticed. Put yourself out there. Take chances. Some will not work out, but those that do will be awesome.

Comments from Brian: My favorite memory from lacrosse would be when we won against Wade Hampton our junior year. Words of wisdom I would like to share with younger SJCS Knights athletes are don’t let your emotions get caught up in the game, even if you haven’t won a single game.

Jordan Kozakiewicz:

Comments from Coach Knope: The first time I met you, you were quiet and reserved. After a short time, you broke out of your shell and practiced and studied the game, played year-round and earned the starting position. I am immensely proud of your efforts. Lastly, you are the only player I ever have waited for on the side of the highway after your wreck while waiting on the PD to decide whose jurisdiction it was in. Good luck in the future!

Spencer Marchant

Comments from Coach Knope: From the first time I met you, I knew two things: You were a great leader, and you and I were going to butt heads. In our two years together, both came true.  You are truly one of the best team leaders I have had the privilege to coach. I look forward to following your success in life. P.S. Keep wearing the cowboy hat.

Comments from Spencer: My favorite memory of lacrosse at St. Joseph’s was the game against Hillcrest my senior year. Although we lost 12-11, every single one of my teammates and I played our hearts out. We had a chance to win in the final seconds, but unfortunately the cards didn’t fall in our favor. Also, shout-out to the sideline. This season was the most live it’s ever been.   To my younger teammates: Never take high school lacrosse for granted. Remember that no matter how tired you are, you can always run faster, work harder and give more. #bigknights #knightslax

Josh Masters

Comments from Coach Knope: It was a pleasure getting to know you this season. Because of basketball and travels and the pandemic we did not have a lot of time together. You are truly one of those players that I will look back on and think about how great the season could have been. You are a great athlete and team player. Good luck in your future!

Comments from Josh: My favorite lacrosse memory is being on the sidelines of every game and getting to have fun cheering on my teammates. Lacrosse was never really my sport, but the people on the team and the atmosphere of the games made playing lacrosse an amazing experience. Something that younger athletes should know is that all sports, including lacrosse, are not just for the most athletic and talented people in the school. They are for people who want to form a bond and friendships with those playing, which is something that will go beyond your years at SJCS.

Daniel Pekalak

Comments from Coach Knope: I want to say thank you for stepping up to play goalie. It is not an easy position and it is scary to have people shoot balls at you all day. You stepped up and not only did well but finished the 2019 season as one of the top goalies in the state. I have no doubt that if the 2020 season would have continued, you would have been in at least the top five. Thank you for all your hard work!

Comments from Daniel My favorite memory is showing up to last year’s playoff game at the last second. I flew from Florida to Charleston during spring break to help out my team. My surprise appearance was a good morale boost to the team. Also, the photo we took with all the juniors at the end of the game reminded me that despite being far from the best team in the state, we had a fun season and we had come quite far as a team.  My advice is to get to know your team well. Know your peers’ strengths and weaknesses. You should pinpoint what your teammates are not doing properly and give them advice on what they can do to improve. By having a good understanding of your team’s abilities, you will be able to create a good synergy that can beat even the toughest teams.

Peter Permanente

Comments from Coach Knope: Thank you for coming out this year and being a part of the lacrosse team. It is so easy to coach a young man that wants to learn and improve every day. You made a difference this year on the defensive side of the game. I am immensely proud to have met you and been able to coach you, even if it was for a short time.

Comments from Peter: My favorite memory was just being part of this team. Lacrosse was a brand new sport for me. With the encouragement of some friends, I was convinced to give lacrosse a try. I enjoyed the time training with the team in the weight room and on the field. This group of kids has super camaraderie. We laughed together. The team supported me, and I was able to learn skills for a new sport. Thanks to all the coaches and players. I wish our time wasn’t cut short. My advice to the younger Knights is to enjoy every moment. You have no idea when it will be taken away. Coronavirus or no coronavirus, the days of high school will end. Enjoy your friends, enjoy your team, listen to your coaches, and embrace the experience. You will miss it.

Jason Sheldon

Comments from Coach Knope: I wanted to tell you thank you for trying to spend your spring with the lacrosse team. You were a great addition to the team and a true team player. Coach Paul and I talked about how we wish you would have played all four years. You are the first player that had more penalties than I did. I wish you well in your future endeavors. 

Comments from Jason: This season was cut short, but it was still probably the most fun season I’ve ever had at St Joe’s. The best memory I had this season was going out with such a great group of guys and just having fun. We won a few games, which was great, and, of course, we had some big hits, which was super fun. For the younger kids who are thinking about playing sports or are not sure about coming back next year, just do it. Sports are not always meant to be fun. Sometimes it will be hard and you may not want to be there, but the memories that you will make with your teammates and friends will never leave you, and it makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. 

Scotty Silver

Comments from Coach Knope: Most players are talented or funny. You are both. There were times that you would make a bonehead play, and I would start to fuss. Then you would make a joke and smooth it over. When it comes to talent, you were definitely head and shoulders above most. I am going to rename the play when we clear the ball from D Pole to attack the Scotty Silver next year.

Comments from Scotty: My favorite moment during the season was losing 12-11 to Hillcrest. Our team really tried our hardest and almost pulled off a great win to start off the season. It was the first game where we really showed our true potential and all of us coming together as a team. I would tell younger Knights coming into athletics that you should always push through the time where uncertainty and doubt comes along. You don’t want to miss something you could’ve done, because in the future you can’t come back to high school and try again. 

Nathan Turcotte

Comments from Coach Knope: You are a funny guy. It was a pleasure to have you on the team this year. Much like a lot of the new seniors, we wish you had played all four years. Your energy was infectious, and you are always at 100 MPH. You always talk about becoming a teacher. I honestly believe you will be a great teacher.

Comments from Nathan: My favorite memory was the Saturday morning game against Fox Creek. The atmosphere alone was just different. There was no pressure and no worries, just some fun with the big Knights. My advice for the younger Knights is to have fun with your team and don’t get into fights with the other school.

Russell Warren

Comments from Coach Knope: Mr. President, it was a pleasure coaching you these past few seasons. You are one of the most articulate and driven players I have coached. Your growth playing LSM these past few years was tremendous. I look forward to watching you continue to grow. Not sure what I will do next season waiting for practice to start, watching you pull up with your wonderful parking job in the F150. 

Comments from Russell: My favorite memory of lacrosse was beating Wade Hampton senior year. My advice for younger Knights is that it doesn’t matter if you’re one of the worst players on the field, because if you put in the time and work, you will get better and get the playing time you want.

Will Zeimetz

Comments from Coach Knope: Your passion and love for the game of lacrosse cannot be measured. You are a wonderful player and a great young man. I hope you look back at your years playing lacrosse for me and St. Joe’s as some of the best times in your life. Good luck in the future!

Girls Lacrosse

Emma Cervetti

Comments from Coach Eilers: Emma’s commitment to lacrosse was strong — working on skills outside of practice, going to summer camp on her own, working hard at practice. She always made me feel that it was her commitment to me that was stronger. My best memory of Emma will always be the red card she was issued in my first year of coaching. She got pretty upset once on the sideline, but seemed more concerned about me being angry with her! After a few minutes of seeing tears and worry on her face, we hugged it out, laughed together and still joke about it today. Good luck, Emma. You will be a great nurse!

Comments from Emma: My favorite lacrosse memories are meeting two of my best friends and getting my red card (which was later overturned) against Wade Hampton. I would like to tell all the other athletes to enjoy the time you have playing your sport, because time really flies, and you’ll miss it when it’s over.

Caitlin Fitzgerald

Comments from Coach Eilers: Caitlin was a committed player. She always had a smile and a great attitude during our two seasons together. She was voted captain this year, and it was no surprise why. She was always around to help me with random things, took on extra projects and showed a ton of pride in her team, regardless of our record. And she was an awesome DJ! One of my most favorite memories was of her and Kelsey working together to smoke our opponent on a beautiful play and score! Still gives me chills! Thanks for an awesome two years. Good luck at USC!

Comments from Caitlin: My favorite memory is spending time together with my team (at practices, games, etc.). My words of wisdom to the younger SJCS Knights athletes would be to enjoy your time, because you never know when it might end.

Karina Jimenez: 

Comments from Coach Eilers: Karina, with her kind spirit and soft voice, started her lacrosse career her junior year. Not only did she choose a tough sport, but she made a selfless choice to step up and be the goalie. Her courage was admirable, and I fondly remember her warming up with these extra pads she found at home to put on for extra protection! She never complained about the hits she took, and she continued to get back in the goal and take some more. Thanks for your commitment to the team. Good luck!

Emma Martin

Comments from Coach Eilers: Emma only started playing her junior year and has made impressive strides in her game. She is a natural, no-nonsense leader and was voted captain this year because of it. She is tough to a fault and always worked hard in whatever task she was asked to do, never disappointing her team. I can still hear Emma say it: “Let’s just play!” She played through pain and injury in many games, but never let on. She is a total team player, and would fight til the very end, or ultimately until she was carried off the field. Thank you, Emma. You will be missed!

Comments from Emma: My favorite memory from this lacrosse season was when we had a 2-0 lead in the beginning of our game against Byrnes. I think that was the most energy the team had felt all season, and we were having fun celebrating goals with each other. Advice I would give to future girls lacrosse players would be to keep pursuing the sport even after a tough season, because it is important that you keep growing in your skills and as an athlete in general.

Isabel Poinsette

Comments from Coach Eilers: This was Isabel’s first year playing lacrosse, and she was really starting to pick up the game. She never seemed to get frustrated, and she always worked hard at practice despite her lack of experience. Thanks for your effort. Good luck next year!

Cailin Sullivan

Comments from Coach Eilers: The first time I met Cailin, she wasn’t sure if she was going to play lacrosse or run track. I’m not sure what convinced her to join a first-year coach with no experience on a young team, but I am so glad she did! Cailin’s altruistic spirit and work ethic are so inspiring and infectious that her team voted her captain, and it was well deserved. She eagerly accepted the special post of team chaplain from me and took it seriously, coming to our first game with a beautiful prayer written just for us. Cailin thanked me and Coach Sue after every single practice, comment, advice or critique. Thanks for choosing lacrosse, Cailin.  Belmont Abbey is lucky to have you!

Comments from Cailin: My favorite memories from lacrosse are meeting some of my best friends, and scoring on my opponents or winning the draws. However, one of my most memorable lacrosse games was the last one that I played on March 13, when I went into the game knowing that there was a high chance I’d never play again. I was aggressive on the field, and I had a lot of fun. Because I put maximum effort into the game, it was one of my favorite games ever. My words of wisdom I would like to share with younger SJCS Knights athletes is to make sure you have fun while you play, and always play each game like it is your last. Work hard, improve your skills, and enjoy being on a team.

Kevyn Watson

Comments from Coach Eilers: This was Kevyn’s first year playing lacrosse, and we wish she had come out sooner! Her quiet, reserved attitude was misleading when it came to game time.  Kevyn’s speed and focus helped her step up to the task given to her on defense. She was relentless! Although she was new to the sport, she picked up her position quickly and delivered consistent results. She worked hard in practice and never quit. Thanks for coming out, Kevyn. Good luck next year!

Boys Soccer

Alex May

Comments from Coach Kucinic: Alex has been on the varsity team for four years. When I first laid eyes on him, I knew his soccer game would take him places.  With Alex, you get a hard-working, blue-collar player who is very cerebral and knows the game. With the team as young as we were this year, he embraced it and took on a significant leadership role.  He has a servant’s heart and led this year with that mindset. He always put the team first. The thing that impresses me most about Alex is seeing him become a young man of character. He is a class-act young man both on and off the field. There is no doubt in my mind we will hear great things about him in the future. I look forward to seeing him play in college.

Comments from Alex: My favorite memory was beating Christ Church 4-3 in the Upper State final my freshman year after being down 3-1 with 15 minutes left. My words of wisdom to the younger soccer guys, as well as any other Knights athletes, is to keep working even when the going gets tough. When your back’s against the wall and it seems like there’s no way out, that’s when you need to work the hardest. Play every game like it’s your last, because you never know. It might be.

Thomas Zakrzwski

Comments from Coach Kucinic: Thomas has been on the varsity team for three years. Every team needs a player like Thomas, a player who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, who will always give 100% and will always put his team first above himself. I am sure there were times that Thomas must have thought, “What position is Coach going to play me in today?!!” The reason for that is he could play multiple positions. He never complained about it. He did whatever was best for the team! Injuries set him back last year, but he was all in this year, never missing a workout and leading the team in fitness and conditioning. Coach Reynolds said that he never missed a 6 a.m. lift. Thomas is a class act both on and off the field. He will be tremendously missed as well. I wish him all the best. Take care and God bless.

Comments from Thomas: My favorite soccer memory was during my sophomore year. I played JV for the regular season, but Coach K wanted me to play with the varsity team for playoffs.  Being a part of the team for only a few weeks, I only spent a short time with the varsity athletes. What is memorable about this time, however, is that I went with the team to Olive Garden for dinner around three times, which was close to the number of times I practiced with them. I very much enjoyed being able to talk with upperclassmen and to break bread with fellow soccer players, but I always find it ironic that I spent more time eating than playing with the varsity team that year. My words of wisdom for the younger Knights athletes is to always take whatever opportunities are available to practice and train with the team. Do not be discouraged or get angry if you get put somewhere you don’t want to be or you are asked to do something you don’t want to do. Realize that everyone has to do their part to help the team. Listen to others who know what they are doing and try not to tear your ACL.

Girls Soccer

Team Comments from Coach Morris: First of all, I would like to thank all of the soccer families for their tremendous support of the girls soccer team this season.  I know we are all disappointed in how the season has played out this year.  This year’s team was one of the strongest teams St. Joseph’s has ever had and Coach Rollins and I both thought the state title was ours to win or lose.  We both hate that we didn’t get to see this group of seniors raise the trophy, as they deserved to do it.

These six young ladies are a very special group for me.  I got to know most of them during my first year at St. Joseph’s when I taught them 6th grade history.  I even got to teach some of them freshman biology.  This has been a group that I got to see, first hand, mature and develop into the unbelievable young ladies that they are today.  They have such a special personality about them.  When thinking about these seniors, words like courage, character and grace come to mind.  But more than anything else, to me, this group has been my friends, and I know that I will deeply miss coaching them.   

Coach Rollins and I are very appreciative for the opportunity to not only coach these special young ladies, but to know them as well.  When asked to come up with some remarks about each of them, I honestly couldn’t do it.  The team knows that I can get emotional at times, but this task literally locked me up and I couldn’t think.  Thankfully, Coach Rollins came to my rescue and provided the perfect descriptions of each senior that I could add to.

I want you all to know that it has been an honor and privilege to coach and learn from such great young ladies.  I look forward to watching you during the next stages of your lives and wish you all the best.  Good luck and God Bless!  ~ Coach Morris

Rachel Girvin

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: Rachel is a player whom I thought we had lost when her family moved to Charlotte, N.C., during her 8th grade year. Luckily for us, Rachel returned to St. Joseph’s her sophomore year and she has been a varsity player ever since.  Coach Rollins describes Rachel as “a constant on the back line. She is exceptionally consistent and steady… To put it simply, she is a rock. She always has a positive attitude and never gets down on her teammates….I have never heard her speak a negative word in all her time on the field or in practice! She is one of those players who makes everyone around her better.” Rachel is all that and more. I will miss her infectious smile and her quiet leadership. Rachel, we will miss you and wish you all the best.

Comments from Rachel: My favorite memories from soccer are the bus rides home after big wins. My words of wisdom would be to make the most of each season because the time flies by.

Mackenzie Manfredi

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: Mackenzie, where do I start?  This one earned a special place in my heart during 6th grade history, when she asked to be made into a mummy by wrapping toilet paper around her (I am sure we were studying ancient Egypt).  She has always had a way of making me smile ever since.  Mackenzie has been a varsity player all four years of high school. Nicknamed Mac by her teammates, she has always been “Big Mac” to me!  Despite her diminutive size, she is a fierce competitor who constantly impressed me with her drive and spunk.  Coach Rollins describes Mackenzie as “the kind of player who often brings light and laughter to a practice (she keeps us laughing daily). She has naturally led this year and has worked to make her teammates all feel a part of the team.  She is the first to admit when she has messed up and always wants feedback on how she can get better.  She is a gifted player and sees the field exceptionally well.  Words can’t describe how much she will be missed.”  Here is an attempt in two words: a lot!  Mac, we will miss you and wish you all the best.

Comments from Mackenzie:  My favorite memory from soccer is going to the state championship my freshman year.  Good luck next year!!  Continue to work hard and go get that ring we didn’t get the chance to get this year.  Always remember to #finish_the_deal!! 


Jenna Maunsel

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: Coaches aren’t supposed to have favorites… and that’s all I’ll say about that!  Jenna has been a varsity player all four years of high school. Coach Rollins describes Jenna as  “a mother to the entire team.  She is responsible and dependable and is always looking for ways she can positively impact those around her.  She is also willing to play wherever she is asked and found herself in a new position this season, which she executed beautifully.  She is a one-of-a-kind kid who has wisdom beyond her years.  She is just a joy to coach and to be around.”  Jenna, I will miss your daily encouragement, your smile, and your stabilizing presence both on the field and off.  Jenna, we will miss you and wish you all the best!

Comments from JennaMy favorite memory from soccer this year was the Viking Cup tournament.  It was really special to see how the team stepped up to play some big schools and became closer on and off the field.  My advice to younger St. Joseph’s athletes is to enjoy it all.  Invest time in your team, because they are the people who are with you through the wins and the losses.  It’s easy to get caught up in the big goals of the season, but every now and then take a second, look around, and take it all in — have fun! 


Madison Patrick

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: Madison is the one player I didn’t get to teach in 6th grade history.  I think she should be thankful for that!  Madison transferred to St. Joseph’s her sophomore year in 2017.  Unfortunately, due to some ridiculous High School League rules, she had to sit out her sophomore year.  She finally got to join the team her junior year, and we were so happy she could finally play.  Coach Rollins describes her as ”such a wonderful addition to the program last year.  She is a clutch player and often rises to the occasion when the pressure is highest.  She is extremely coachable and desires to come through for her teammates.  She has sacrificed a good deal to be a part of the program as she is involved in many things.  We are better as a team when she is a part.”  Personally, I will miss her smile and grace on the field.  I am always so impressed with how driven Madison is, and I particularly admire how passionate she is about the things she accomplishes and how she accomplishes them. I will miss your drive and your passion!  Madison, we will miss you and wish you all the best!

Comments from Madison:  My favorite soccer memory would be joining the team for the first time my sophomore year.  That year, I had hip surgery and was unable to play so to help me feel more included, some of my teammates would do my physical therapy exercises with me after practice.  One thing I would like to share with younger athletes is to always work hard, because it will pay off in the long run.  Coaches notice hard work and reward it.


Julia Thompson

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: Julia has been a varsity player and a starter all four years of high school.  Coach Rollins had this to say about Julia and I have to admit, I couldn’t say it any better:  Julia is an example of why soccer is called ‘the beautiful game.’…Her technical ability is unmatched, and she has a unique way to find the back of the net.  She also finds a way to encourage her teammates and has grown in her leadership over her high school career.  She has led her team well, and her drive has been an inspiration to everyone. She is constantly striving to be better and has made this team better.”  One of my favorite memories of Julia’s career at St. Joseph’s was when she scored during the state championship game her freshman year.  Her celebration was epic, and I still have the picture of it in my office.  I will miss you fake giving me things, I will miss your work ethic, I will miss your leadership and drive.  I will miss most of all, your joy of the game and how you know how to celebrate!  Julia, we will miss you and wish you all the best!

Comments from Julia: The best feeling is when the announcer calls out, “Number 5, Julia Thompson.” The process of spinning out and high-fiving my team as I approach the midfield with the rest of the starting lineup is my favorite part of home games. My equally favorite memory is whenever Coach Morris asks us to collect the cones. I always have him reach out to grab the ones I picked up and pull them away before he can grasp them. He falls for it every time and even though he says, “You’re so annoying,” I keep doing it because it’s hilarious. I’ve done this each year.  My advice to the future SJCS soccer girls is to put 110% into everything you do. I know how hard it is to endure preseason and Coach Morris smiling at you as you enter the weight room at 6:15 a.m., but there’s no better feeling than seeing all your hard work pay off. Unfortunately, all of the sprints and varsity girl hills have a purpose, and if you have to do them, you might as well run as fast as you can, even if people tell you to run “with us” because you will get better.


Julia Van Putte:

Comments from Coach Morris and Coach Rollins: JVP has been a varsity player the last three years, and I would describe her as one of the smartest and athletic players I have ever coached.  It is somewhat infuriating that someone could be as smart as JVP and still be freakishly athletic!  Despite her giving me the worst nickname a teacher could ever get during 6th grade history — “Mr. Snorris” — it has been a joy and an honor to teach and coach Julia.  Coach Rollins describes JVP as “such a talented athlete – strong, fast, and determined.  She is a quiet leader – always leading by example and showing others through her actions, without need for praise, how to have a servant heart.  She is willing to play wherever she is asked without complaint and takes her responsibility of being on the team very seriously.”  I will especially miss JVP’s wry sense of humor and the witty comments that she always knew when to dole out.  I will miss her hard-working mindset and desire to be the best.  JVP, we will miss you and we wish you all the best!

Comments from Julia No question my favorite soccer memory was when we made it to the third round of the Viking cup my senior year and beat two 5A schools. My words of wisdom to share with the younger Knights would be to work hard and just enjoy every moment of the game and the time on the team with your friends. Having my senior season cut short has made me appreciate every minute that I did get to play and be with my teammates. Try not to get caught up in drama, playing time, and distractions; just focus on the beauty of playing the game. High school soccer was one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in. Go Knights!


Gabby Olewiler:

Comments from Coach Dickson: I would first like to say I am very sorry that your season ended this way.  I know it was very unexpected and so sudden. I may not have gotten to coach you very long, but it sure was a pleasure coaching you the time I did.  One of the things I noticed about you was that you had very good character.  That is a very good quality when going to college or the workforce.  I will never forget the jokes we made in the outfield during practices.  Although the season was cut short, you improved greatly from the first practice you came out to the last.  Thank you for always having a positive attitude and being a coachable athlete.  We will all miss you!  Good luck with everything in the future, and always work hard for what you want, because anything is possible.  Go Knights!

Comments from Gabby:  My favorite softball memory is when we won our first regular season game this year.  My words of wisdom to younger Knights are to try out, be a team, and have fun doing it.


Maggie Olewiler

Comments from Coach Dickson: I am truly sorry that your senior season ended like this.  Although I may have only known and coached you for a short while, I would like to congratulate and thank you for your accomplishments throughout the season.  I would like to congratulate you on all the progress you were making in the short season we had.  You made a crucial play in the outfield to help us win a ballgame.  I would like to thank you for always being a team player.  You may not have realized it, but many of the skills you learned out on the field, you will use in the many days to come.  I can’t wait to see all the accomplishments you make in the future!  We all loved you, and we will miss you!  Go Knights!

Comments from Maggie My favorite memory of softball is probably the first regular season game this year. It was at home. Everyone was in a fun mood. We were all just full of energy, ready to win. I loved it. When we won, we were happy as a team. I wish I could play just one more game with them. As to what I would say to the others on the team, I will miss them. I know we didn’t get a lot of time to play, but I will miss my teammates a lot. I hope they all keep playing and are on the team next year. To the coaches, thank you. I learned so much from you guys. Coach Dickson, you taught me how to swing the right way, without hurting myself. Coach Lanny, I will miss playing outfield and your flyball drills. And Coach Harvey, I always secretly called you “Dent.” Anyone who knows about Batman and me knows why. Thank you, coaches, and thank you, teammates. I wish we had more time, but I really enjoyed the time we had together. I will miss all of you, and I hope that everyone keeps playing.

Boys Tennis

Maclean Armstrong

Comments from Coach Arp: There is not much to not like about Maclean Armstrong, who is polite, funny, and dedicated. It is no wonder he is attending The Citadel for college. I am not sure this young man has a button that says “Go Easy.” It is all out or nothing, regardless of what he does: Eagle Scouts, hunting, tennis, weightlifting, track/running, his illegal exhaust he put on his truck himself (didn’t think I noticed, huh?) or life in general. It comes natural with a supportive family, and, of course, his super SJ Tennis Mom, Sharman.  What I personally have admired in Maclean is he has an old soul. He loves vintage rock music, like the Eagles, Bob Seger, and the Stones.  So we attended a Bob Seger concert in Greenville together, and Bob still had that magic. I looked over at Maclean, and he said, “Coach, this is so cool, so cool.”  And that summed it up. Our time together on this wonderful team was definitely cut short this year, but “it was so cool.”

Comments from Maclean:  My favorite memory over the six years of playing on the varsity tennis team at St. Joseph’s would have to be traveling with the team to Decoturf and beating Allen, the largest school in Texas, in a close 4-3 overall win. If there is one piece of advice that I could give to future Knights athletes, it would be to just outwork everyone else and then the results and wins will come. Just be sure to have fun along the way.


Matthew Jacques

Comments from Coach Arp: Personally, I like unique people, and Lord knows, everyone can agree that Matthew fits that bill.  He is incredibly comfortable around all ages of people, as I observe him talking to parents at the matches.  He has a well-rounded view of the world, thanks to his family.  Matthew takes care of the younger kids on the team and has helped guide me so much on how we strategize with the players on the team.  Most importantly, I have seen him mature and grow spiritually the last three years right before my eyes, actually in ways I never expected since first meeting him.  Want an opinion on something? Matthew has one.  Need an idea on what might work or something different the team needs? Matthew is there.  The best way I describe him is that I feel he “has your back,” and to me that is such a great, unteachable quality in a person and a friend, let alone a player for your team.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Matthew, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a guitar rock star!

Comments from Matthew:  My favorite memory from my four years on the tennis team is when we had about a hundred people at our tennis match against Christ Church.  It just so happened that this was this first time SJ ever beat CCES at tennis, and I will remember it forever.

Nick Loudermilk

Comments from Coach Arp: Nicholas (aka Nicho to his friends) never ceases to surprise me.  He is a nice, gregarious, thoughtful young man. Do not let this “nice” exterior fool you. He is a fierce competitor who would just love to crush you in a match.  My favorite Nicho story is about a doubles tournament I escorted him and Maclean Armstrong to last year in Chattanooga. They played the No. 1 team at my rival high school there, Baylor.  One of their players kept “poaching” at the net, which, for those of you who don’t know what it means, is where after a serve, the net player darts from one side of the net to the other to intercept the ball. This went on for a few games until, when the guy went to poach, Nicho hit one of the hardest forehands I have ever seen right at him. It went dead straight into his chest, and the guy literally left his feet and hit the ground.  This is common practice in doubles, but the accuracy and velocity was like watching slow motion.  I ran down there to make sure the guy was still alive. He was laughing.  I looked at Nicho and said, “What in the heck are you doing, trying to kill him?” He looked at me and said, “Coach, he kept poaching. He ain’t poaching anymore!” Moral of story: He didn’t poach anymore.

Comments from Nick:  My favorite memory would be beating Allen High School, the largest high school in Texas, at the Decoturf High School tournament last year 4-3 and celebrating with the team. For the younger SJCS Knights athletes, my advice to you is to never give up. No matter what challenges are thrown your way, stay strong and persevere.

Boys Track & Field


Maclean Armstrong

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby Maclean was new to track and field this season.  I was surprised at his initial fitness and conditioning level since he came to us from the tennis court. He stepped in as if he had been running for years. He was always leading the pack during practices and always gave 100% in the meets he competed in. I am confident that he would have made it to the state meet in some form if the season had not been cut short.

Comments from Maclean:  Although this was my first year ever running track, I enjoyed it more than I ever could have imagined. The best memory would just be learning 4×100 relay and the downtime in between events when you can watch your friends run and mess around until you are up to run.  If I could give advice to any future Knights running track, it would be to work as hard as you can in practice to get as fast as you can, because it will be a lot more fun when you end up winning in the meets.


Justin Chamberlin

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby Justin was a four-year participant who tackled the daunting and sometimes scary hurdles.  He worked very hard at both the 110 and 400 hurdles, oftentimes accumulating valuable points for the team. His dedication and hard work set an example for the rest of the team.

Comments from Justin: My favorite memory in track and field was the practices where we went down to the track. You had to stay at school for longer or go back to school to get to practice, but I always felt more engaged when I was actually going to run. My advice for the younger Knights is to stay the course. I only made varsity cross country in my senior year after better runners before me had left the team. I only was on the course trying to make it to Upper State and state in some of my events until just this year. Yet, I did not get the chance to do so.  I think if you just keep focused long enough, you can set yourself up to do anything.  There’s always something to get out of your sport, so make the most of it.


Patrick Fesler

Comments from Coach Carr: Patrick was an outstanding new addition to the distance squad.  His enthusiasm and will-try-anything attitude was amazing. I am truly sorry we could not see more of his track season develop, but I thoroughly enjoyed working with him for as long as we could.

Comments from Patrick: This was my first year of track, so I don’t have many memories, but I had fun getting to know the guys on the team. I want to thank Coach Carr for accepting me onto the team and supporting me. My words of advice to younger Knights are to work hard, but enjoy the time you spend working hard with your team.


Isaac Hine

Comments from Coach Carr: Isaac will always be remembered for his initiative to pursue the men’s 400-meter hurdles after he was an alternate on the state championship 4×800-meter relay in 2017. While other athletes may have been satisfied with resting on their laurels, Isaac trained for the 2018 season in the 400 hurdles and went to the state championship in 2018 and 2019, scoring critical points towards those victories.

Comments from Isaac:  My favorite memory had to be going to the state championship freshman year. Being able to experience the feeling of everyone giving it their all in each event motivated me to keep running for the rest of high school. Not only was it exciting, it was simply fun being with all my teammates and enjoying the time spent with them. If it’s any advice at all, for any sport you choose to participate in, enjoy the time spent with everyone there and build those relationships with everyone, because they can be your greatest motivator and the reason you love doing that sport.

Rashad Luckey Dowdy:

Comments from Coach Carr Rashad was new to our team this season. He brought with him a physical strength and mental calmness that was easy to coach.  His contributions to the relay, sprint and throwing events were vital for our overall team success. 

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby Rashad is another true leader and team player.  He always gave it his all and was continually striving to improve.  

Comments from Coach Jean Crosby:  Rashad was an inspiration to so many, trying new events and excelling sometimes on the first try!  He has a heart of gold and the drive of a true competitor. I was honored to be a small part of his journey this year.

Comments from Rashad:  My favorite memory from track season was the track meet with my friends.  My words of wisdom for younger Knights are to have fun and enjoy your sport.


Brendan McTigue


Comments from Coach Carr: Brendan was an absolutely crucial part of our three state championships in our boys track program in 2017, 2018, and 2019. He matured into an excellent leader for the boys distance squad, and I am confident he would have taken them to another podium finish at state through his exceptional effort and outstanding talent. While he will be sorely, sorely missed, he has left a legacy behind that will continue to reap rewards for the team for years to come.


Alec Miller

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby: Alec ran with us at different points in his career at SJCS.  During this last season, he took the coaching suggestions for his events and really focused on fine-tuning the mechanics to make him a more well-rounded and efficient runner. His stamina and willingness to run events that others would not made him an asset to the team and easy to coach.

Comments from Alec: My favorite track and field memory is running the 4×100 in the Chick-Fil-A Games meet at Eastside. My words of wisdom for the younger SJCS Knights would be to never lose faith in your teammates, coaches, or yourself.


Cole Van Emburg

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby: Cole was a four-year participant who made the decision early to run one of the hardest sprint events, the 400. He worked very hard each year, with noticeable improvement each year. His “gummies” were his best friend and helped him get through many tough workouts and meets. I know that he was in much better shape for this season and was looking forward to meeting his preseason goals.

Comments from Cole: My favorite memory from track was the Upper State meet my junior year. The meet lasted all day and it was near Columbia. About halfway through the meet, it began to rain and the meet was rescheduled for the next day. I loved riding on the bus for hours with my friends, as well as running the 4×400 relay. I would tell younger athletes to enjoy the benefits of middle school and high school sports while they can. I would also tell them to make friends on their team, because it makes the season more fun.


Andy Widman

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby: Andy was new to the team this season. In the short time we had Andy, he was getting better at understanding the mechanics necessary to make him a better runner. I am confident that he would have had great success if the season had not been cut short.

Girls Track & Field

Lorena Cicale

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby:  In the short time Lorena was with us this season, she stepped up and tried the high jump with great initial success.  Thank you for going out on a limb and trying something new!

Emily Crosby

Comments from Coach Carr:  Emily’s leadership by example was one of the keys to success of the girls team year to year.  You’re the best!

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby:  Emily was a four-year participant who improved each year.  She was a stable fixture on our 4×100 relay team and a solid example for her teammates.  Emily also competed in the open 200 and had much success.  Thank you for being one of our leaders!

Comments from Emily:  My favorite memory from track was building friendships with some of my closest friends during our long meets.  My words of wisdom would be to make the most of every practice and every meet, because you never know when it will be your last. Treasure the time you have with your team.


Ava Dobson

Comments from Coach Carr: From the time she burst onto the scene as a sophomore, Ava has never had any difficulty with running, but her instantaneous elevation to rock-star status became the challenge. Ava, in my honest opinion and I’ve been coaching since 1988, has done a magnificent job of being confident with the correct measure of humility.  This includes the last race of her high school career at Eastside, where she set her PR for the 3200, which was over a minute faster than any other girl in the entire state of South Carolina. I truly wish her the best at UNC! Go Tar Heels!!!

Comments from Ava:  My favorite memory in track and field would have to be doing lots of road trips to far away meets, with the state meet being my favorite.  Even when I wasn’t able to participate last year due to an injury, the experience of being able to cheer on my teammates and the camaraderie between us was what truly made the sport special!  Getting to experience races with my teammates is what made each meet so memorable, and without them I know it wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing!  For younger athletes, I would suggest not rushing into anything you aren’t ready for too fast!  I came into running with very little experience or knowledge of what I was doing, yet was working harder than I ever had before in almost an instant!  I got injured as a result, and I have learned to be far more cautious in running and have found patience in building up to more strenuous mileage, rather than starting off big!


Mary Ellison McCoy

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby Mary Ellison was a four-year participant who made contributions to our 4×100 relay team and also the open 200.

Comments from Coach Carr:  She also previously held the school record for the high jump early on in her career!

Comments from Mary Ellison:  My favorite memory is being at the state championship my freshman year and watching my brother and his teammates win the state championship with only a few runners.  My words of wisdom for the younger SJCS Knights would be to bring a blanket to track meets!  The meets last forever, and it gets really cold when the sun goes down.


Libby Morgan

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby: Although Libby was plagued with shin splints throughout most of her track career, when she was able to practice and compete in a meet she always gave her best.

Comments from Libby: My favorite memory is practicing handoffs and bonding with my teammates. My advice to the younger Knights: Enjoy high school and being with your friends and teammates. It ends faster than you think!


Alice Norton

Comments from Coach Terry Crosby: Alice was new to track this season. She tried and excelled in multiple events. I was pleased with her work ethic during practices, and she gave everything she had while competing in the few meets.

Brigid Stanton

Comments from Coach Carr: In her first year with the team, as a junior, Brigid set school records in all three of her events — shot put, discus, and javelin. This year, as a senior, in what ended up being the last high school track meet of her brief and meteoric career, the Chick-Fil-A Games, she set PRs and school records in ALL THREE AGAIN!

Comments from Coach Jean Crosby: Brigid is one of the hardest workers I know, always striving to improve her technique and continually seeking ways to find more time to practice.  Brigid, while working to improve her own skills, always took the time to share her knowledge with others on her team. She is truly a team player and a wonderful leader. I was honored to be a small part of her journey this year.

Comments from Brigid: My favorite memory of my track career was last year, when Elise went to get a tissue before practice and came back hours later because she fell asleep. Another nice memory was working with Mark Lyons, when I had just shown him the basics of doing a full spin and he hit around 135 feet after only practicing it a couple times. Also, breaking all the school throwing records was memorable, but that got old after I was doing it at each meet. My advice to younger Knights is don’t take it for granted. I know that I had some natural abilities that led me to where I am now, but I also put hours upon hours of work in to be able to have the opportunity to throw in college. You only receive the opportunities by the amount of work you put into it.


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