Evelyn loves the school, the teachers, her classmates, and the food! This is the happiest we have seen our little girl since we moved from Charlotte last summer.
Thank you for the wonderful care you all are giving her.
Debbie Wattenbarger
Mother of Evelyn (Class of 2023)

I chose to go to St. Joseph’s because of my future. I knew this school would challenge me and provide me with the education I needed to make my college experience easier so I could focus on my golf in college. This was a big part of my decision to attend St. Joe’s. I now realize that I am being very well prepared for that next step. My goals of playing collegiate golf and professional golf will be easier to reach with the solid academic foundation
I am receiving now at St. Joe’s.
Carly Lyvers (Class of 2018)

I had to let you know what an incredible impact you had on my children! Daniel completed basic training and was officially “accepted” into the Air Force Academy cadets on Tuesday. I got to visit him for two hours, and he told me he passed his language test and could opt out of language altogether, but right now, he plans to minor in French and hopes to possibly study abroad. Mary will be studying French and international trade at Clemson. She did very well on her language test, too, and will be starting in sophomore year French. She has been texting in French with Kens, a Haitian student who arrived in July. I wanted you to know what a profound impact you have on your students and sincerely thank you for being such an awesome teacher!
Gail Veideman
Mother of Dan, Ethan, and Mary (Class of 2016)

Since leaving St. Joseph’s, Ann has lost some of her “joy.”
We, as her parents, care first and foremost that she find her happiness in life. We think that this is less about what she studies and where she goes to college and more about who she surrounds herself with and the strength of her spiritual life.
That is why we want her to return to St. Joe’s.
Joan Clyborne
Mother of Ann (Class of 2017)

Hannah’s science has excelled at St. Joseph’s and it shows in both her grades and her SAT scores. She sat through a West Point chemistry class and found it to be basic material
that she had already learned at St. Joe’s.
Maureen White
Mother of Hannah (Class of 2016)

Recently, I have been thinking and praying a lot for St. Joseph’s, its leadership, students, faculty, benefactors, etc. The Lord randomly brought me back to a profound moment I had my senior year as a Kairos Retreat Leader, and I was struck by the faith journey I’ve had since then. I am truly grateful for St. Joe’s and the wonderful ways I have grown that are a direct result of my years there. I will continue to keep SJCS in my prayers.
Clarissa Sutter (Class of 2013)

I am writing you with exciting news about Evan and The University of Navarre. As you know, this is a Catholic school with a wonderful engineering program located in San Sebastian in Northern Spain. Evan is interested in applying there for college, and when we visited the campus this past summer, he took a required three hour Spanish Level Exam and passed! Evan said the hardest part was the vocabulary words used from Spain, not Latin America. He also had to write a two-page essay in Spanish. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for you! You are a wonderful, interesting, kind, fun, and patient teacher and Evan has enjoyed being in your class immensely both last year, as well as this year. Thank you for being the kind of teacher that every parent dreams of for their child; we are most grateful to you. We appreciate all that you do for the students at St. Joe’s.
Christine Mauritz
Mother of Evan (Class of 2016)

The value of a St Joe’s education is so much more than excellent academics and extra-curricular activities. We love that our children have frequent access to the Sacraments and that religion is not taught solely in the confines of their Religion classroom, but in each classroom, sports team, hallway, and encounter with faculty. Our children not only learn about their faith, they see it skillfully and vibrantly portrayed in their teachers every day.
St Joe’s is the single best investment in our children’s future.
Mike and Frances Foley
Parents of Lindsey (Class of 2012) and Alex (Class of 2016)

We live in an ever-increasingly secular world. Unfortunately, our generation was not properly catechized in order to be able to instruct our children fully with God’s plan for their lives. St. Joseph’s continues to do a fantastic job of catechizing our children to understand, defend, and live our faith. We see the fruits of these labors exemplified in the
lives our adult graduates and their alumni friends.
Doug and Sharon Kopscik
Parents of Megan (Class of 2009), Michael (Class of 2012), and Helen (Class of 2019)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful year!
I know how difficult it must have been to teach twenty-something rowdy AP students.
Thank you for your patience, kindness, and faith in our abilities this year. You went out of your way all the time to make sure we did well and you did a remarkable job teaching us all that we needed to know in such a short span of time. I will never forget this class because through it (and through your teaching) I have learned to love history with a passion.
Thank you for all your hard work for us this year!
Francesca Strathern (Class of 2018)

I wanted you (Headmaster Kiser) to recognize how impactful your words are to families who are listening. Every time you communicate, either in an assembly of some sort, or when sending a note to parents, you are at once genuine, thoughtful, and informative, and you place all that is happening into the context of how we are all proceeding as Catholics, as Christians. You don’t hide from difficult issues, but face them, all the while acknowledging over and over that we are all in this together, that we are all fallible but trying. So while you’ve been attending to difficulties we expect as we raise groups of children, I didn’t want you to miss out on these quiet, brilliant successes you’ve also been achieving. I’m sure we are but one of many. David and I just wanted you to know how much we admire your leadership at St. Joe’s.
Lucinda Quick
Mother of Olivia (Class of 2016)

I just want to let you know how much Mimi has enjoyed your class and how much she admires you as a teacher. You have been a great role model for her in her quest to embrace education as her career. Thank you for teaching and loving our children.
Kate Tierney
Mother of Mimi, Class of 2017

Thanks very much for sharing your comments and dedicating your career to teaching our kids. I left “Meet the Teacher” night impressed with every single teacher.
It’s always nice when other people see good qualities in your child.
Ed Snow
Father of Teddy (Class of 2016) and Matthew (Class of 2018)

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouraging letter to BJ. You are one of the many reasons why we chose to send our children to St. Joseph’s. Your compassion, understanding, and reassurance with me will not be forgotten.
Beth Tally
Mother of BJ (Class of 2017) and Katy (Class of 2019)

Our family moved from Pittsburgh to Greenville in 2011 for the sole purpose of sending our four children to St. Joseph’s. When our business failed in 2014, we could no longer afford to pay the tuition, but our children had all become quite attached to that community. We were heartbroken at the thought of having to withdraw from the school. We have received tuition assistance for the past three years, and without the generosity of others, our family would have lost the opportunity to benefit from this engaging, dynamic, and soul-focused approach to learning. We are beyond grateful to those who support the tuition assistance fund, without whom the lives of our children would be very different.
Laryn and Glenn Weaver
Parents of Jessica (Class of 2015), Kate (Class of 2016),
Abby (Class of 2019), and Max (Class of 2020)

I’m happy to tell the world about how the St. Joe’s tuition assistance program has helped my kids get an exceptional education while keeping Christ in the forefront of their daily school lives. My heart is full and I am speechless.
Tanya Haynes
Mother of Kevondrea (Class of 2017) and Kevin (Class of 2023)