Enrollment & Re-enrollment

Upon acceptance, an Enrollment Contract is mailed to each student and a $300.00 non-refundable enrollment fee is due at this time. In addition, one of four tuition payment plans is chosen: single payment (includes a 3% tuition discount), semi-annual payment (includes a 1.5% tuition discount), or the ten-month or twelve-month payment plan. The single payment plan is due in July; the semi-annual payment plan is due in July and January. Monthly payments for the ten and twelve month plans are drafted on the tenth of each month beginning in July and must be paid via an automatic bank withdrawal.

You will be considered registered and guaranteed enrollment upon the Admissions Office’s receipt of the Enrollment Contract and the $300.00 Enrollment Fee. Once registered, you will immediately be placed on the school’s mailing list to receive important school information regarding class schedules, textbook sales, sports tryouts, upcoming events, and other important information you will need to plan for the upcoming academic year.

In order to provide our families with a re-enrollment process that is both seamless and paperless, while maintaining options as well, SJCS has moved to continuous re-enrollment beginning with the 2018-19 school year. Under the continuous re-enrollment process, students are continually re-enrolled from their initial admission into the school until they graduate from SJCS. In late January, when the next school year’s tuition rates are published, parents will receive an email with a link instructing them to select a payment plan for the upcoming school year. In addition, students will be automatically re-enrolled, with a $300 yearly re-enrollment fee billed to their account. Should a parent desire that their child not to return to SJCS for a subsequent year, written notice must be presented to the school’s Admissions Office by the end of February.

Questions regarding tuition and payments should be directed to the Business Office.