Why do families choose St. Joseph’s Catholic School?

A reputation well beyond Greenville

While St. Joseph’s Catholic School has already accomplished a great deal in its first 25 years, we continue to strive for excellence. Our reputation for providing a comprehensive educational experience has expanded well beyond Greenville, with the Cardinal Newman Society having recognized St. Joseph’s nationally as a “Top 50” Catholic School, naming us to their “School of Excellence” list since its inception in 2004. Colleges and universities throughout the United States welcome our graduates, ranging from accredited in-state schools (Clemson, Furman, The University of South Carolina); popular out-of-state schools (Auburn, Belmont Abbey, Franciscan, and The University of Alabama); and highly selective institutions (The Air Force Academy, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, Georgetown, Georgia Institute of Technology, Notre Dame, UNC-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, West Point). In short, a SJCS diploma is a valuable credential for graduates seeking a rich post-graduate experience.

Teacher Quality

St. Joseph’s recruits teachers both from within the academic vocation and from professional fields beyond education. Our faculty, comprised of almost 60 teachers, is made up of career-educators, former business and industry leaders, and professionals from various walks of life. Close to 50% of our teachers have graduate degrees in the fields in which they teach, and SJCS has a comprehensive evaluation and development program for all faculty. And, with longevity being a key indicator both of success and professional satisfaction, it is noteworthy that 40% of our teachers have been at SJCS for ten years or more.


At St. Joseph’s, we stress two components that have proven value in education: high expectations for all students, combined with high levels of support. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to succeed at the next level and beyond, and year after year, our graduates report that they are thankful for the rigorous experience they had at SJCS. Because we believe that there is no substitute for hard work, our entire program is designed to develop a consistent work ethic in our students. To that end, St. Joseph’s offers 14 Advanced Placement courses, all taught by College Board approved faculty. We also offer honors courses throughout the high school curriculum, as well as a range of electives including Aerospace, Art History, Astronomy, Biblical Studies, Creative Writing, Forensic Science, Personal Finance, Psychology, and more. Likewise, our Fine Arts course offerings are equally robust, and include Band, Chorus, Dance, Strings, and Theater Production. Finally, our middle school curriculum is designed to initiate students into a college preparatory environment, with rigorous instruction in the arts, science, mathematics, literature, history, religion, and separate grammatical instruction. Moreover, St. Joseph’s firm commitment to writing is demonstrated by our emphasis in middle school on grammar, spelling, and writing instruction.

Educational Leadership

St. Joseph’s administration is blessed with talented leaders who are dedicated to the school’s mission. Headmaster Keith Kiser has been in charge of our school since July 2000. Our High School Director, Dr. Steven Jones, has served in several administrative roles since coming to the school in 2013. Middle School Director, Mrs. Wanda Jaraczewski, is beginning her tenure at SJCS this academic year after nine years of administrative experience in Catholic education, along with an additional sixteen years of Catholic parish experience, all in Wisconsin.