Summer School Courses

Due to COVID-19, all Summer Courses will be taught virtually via Zoom.

Students will be contacted by Mrs. Cummings regarding their SJCS Chromebooks for use with these classes.

The cost for each course is $400 billed to your school account.
Textbook purchase is on your own. 

404 – Economics  (Mr. Swingle)                For Rising Grades 10/11/12                ½ Credit

This one-semester course covers the basic principles and theories of economics. It also examines the practical application of these theories in contemporary society and government. Tax forms, personal budgeting, and a stock market simulation are all part of the course. One session offered. 

Dates: In class, July 6-17, Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-1:00 PM; July 20-30, Two weeks of flexible online lessons and work on your own with a Final Project due on or before July 31.

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408 – Government  (Mrs. Carr)                   For Rising Grades 11/12                       ½ Credit

United States Government is a one-semester required history course that will examine the basic principles of our government: the workings of the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches, and the sharing of power between the state and federal governments. A portion of the class is dedicated to the discussion of current events and debate, as well as a further examination of constitutional principles as applied to today’s issues. Students must remain current on national events. 

Dates: In-class: June 8-11 and June 15-18, 9:30-11:00 and 12:00-1:30 each day; Plus 2 additional weeks of flexible online lessons and work that you do on your own, with a Final Project due on or before July 17.

Due to the condensed time frame of this class, it is critical for students to attend the 2 weeks of in-class sessions. There is flexibility with the on-line week of lessons, but the project must be turned in on or before July 17. 

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901 – Computer Applications  (Mrs. Collins)        For Rising Grades 9-12               ½ Credit 


This is a one-semester required course that will focus on file management and different methods of data storage, both local and cloud-based. Software packages include Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as Google Docs and Sheets. In addition, the class will be introduced to basic HTML and CSS, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

 Students will need access to a computer that has Microsoft Office for at least one week during the course. If you don’t have MS Office, information will be shared with you about how to get a free trial for a month. 

Dates: June 3-19, 11:00 AM-2:30 PM

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