Apr 2, 2020

In order to stay in touch with her Household girls, SJCS World History Teacher Mrs. Marla Palmer decided to start a “Red Rose Ladies’ Virtual Coffee Talk Hour” this morning.

“I plan to do this regularly, at least once a week,” she said. “I begin a Zoom session and invite my girls to come and go as they desire. I’ll be available to talk as a household, and/or put them in ‘breakout rooms’ with their close friends or by grade level to allow for more personal conversations. They can invite me into the smaller groups/breakout rooms if they need to talk about something that they don’t necessarily want to say in front of the entire household.”

Each of them brings a cup of coffee (or tea or hot cocoa) to the session, and it’s a time to connect with each other, pray for each other and just keep in contact virtually.

A number of the girls couldn’t join in this morning because of the short notice (she just emailed them last night), but they indicated that they very much wanted to do this going forward.

“I’m looking forward to checking in on my girls regularly now,” Mrs. Palmer said.

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