Mar 16, 2020

Good afternoon,

There was a generous and supportive spirit among the students and parents who visited campus today, and St. Joseph’s is in good shape as we head into the next few weeks. The well-being of our entire community is our chief concern, and know that we will be praying for all of you. Likewise, we covet your prayers.

This contains several pieces of information to help us navigate the next few weeks.

This link will take you to a quick YouTube video about virtual instruction at St. Joseph’s:


—The entire campus is closed through March 31. We will make decisions about reopening closer to that time and in coordination with local, state, and Diocesan officials. All school activities are suspended through March 31, including off-campus activities.

—As we shift towards virtual instruction, please be mindful of bandwidth issues in your home. Families with multiple students may need to regulate the online activity of students not logged into a class at a particular time to enhance the experience for students who are attending virtual classes. Additionally, as our main method of communication is through email, please have your children access their SJCS email at least two times throughout the day in addition to their classroom work.

—Finally, we know there may be some glitches over the next few days. Please communicate any ongoing issues to individual teachers, Divisional Directors (Dr. Jones and Mrs. Jaraczewski) or other personnel as needed. A contact guide is provided on the Virtual Day Parent/Student Agreement.


Virtual Instruction Checklist: This checklist should help students and parents be ready for the first day of instruction.

Virtual Day Parent/Student Expectations: This document has basic instructions and expectations for students and teachers that will guide our virtual instruction. Please note, it also includes behavioral expectations for students during virtual classes.

Student Virtual Instruction Template: This is recommended for keeping track of online meeting codes, and should be filled out by students from the emails they received from individual teachers.

Instructional Schedule for Virtual Days: This includes the days and times of the instructional schedule. Please note, we are starting on Tuesday of “A” week.

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