This spring we have an exciting opportunity for one of our talented SJCS Faculty/Staff members to make an appearance ON STAGE in a cameo role for High School Musical! However, the decision of who makes it to the spotlight is up to you! Visit this link to place your votes for the Faculty/Staff member that you want to see on stage this spring. Voting has begun and will run through Friday, February 21.

The following candidates have volunteered for this opportunity:

Mr. Carr

Mrs. Chesery 

Mr. McClendon

Mr. Orbon

Mrs. Trakas

Mr. D. Wilson

Each vote is $1 – you can vote for as many teachers as you would like as many times as you would like!

On Friday, February 21, there will be an opportunity to vote during MS & HS lunches.

All proceeds will go to the Jubilate Arts Guild in support of Fine Arts programming.