Jan 16, 2020

St. Joseph’s Catholic School welcomed Professor Mark Byrnes, the chair of Wofford College’s History Department, on Tuesday, January 14. Prof. Byrnes spoke at the Pope Francis Forum for Dialogue and Diversity meeting about the history and the current situation regarding U.S. and Iran relations.

Upon seeing that the room of PFFDD moderator Mrs. Jennie Neighbors was filled during the lunch hour with students and members of the staff, Prof. Byrnes said, “I am shocked and impressed that there are this many people giving up free time to be here. I think that says a lot of good things about the school.”

As for whether we are on the verge of a war, Prof. Byrnes said the odds are “unlikely.”

“I won’t say never,” he said. “One of the things you learn from studying history is that lots of things that people say would never happen, happened, so I don’t say never, and I don’t say impossible.”

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