By Bob Castello

The students in St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s Class of 2019 have been extraordinary in many ways, having set the bar high before clearing it with room to spare.

They have made an impact in all areas, providing further evidence of the words of SJCS Founding Board Chair Margaret Ann Moon: “Our students are destined to change the world.”

It’s a class that has been stellar statistically, with 96 percent of the senior class having reported being awarded at least one scholarship, totaling a little more than $20 million.

With 99% having reported their acceptances, all have been accepted to at least one college or university, including three who will be attending Cornell University, and 99% reported having been accepted into their first and/or second choices.

But it’s a class that has been about much more than numbers.

“We want to pass on to our students that we as human beings find our fulfillment only when we give of ourselves in love to others,” Headmaster Keith Kiser said. “This is one of the reasons we require our students to do community service, for they often discover that they are happier when they do something good for others.”

Every year, for example, the students who go on the senior mission trip talk about the manner in which it has changed them.

“This reality was illustrated for me in spades this year when our student council led the student body in raising over $40,000 for St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School,” Mr. Kiser said. “Those kids worked themselves to exhaustion, but I’ve never seen them happier. The hope is that they will remember this experience and want to spend their lives for others.” Campus Minister Gabe Lewis, who came to the school in 2013, said he’s had the pleasure of accompanying members of this class since they were in the seventh grade.

“Learning is a function first and foremost of openness — those who are open, who know they don’t have all the answers, are able to ask questions and truly learn,” Mr. Lewis said. “This class was full of students who were and, more miraculously, remained open.

“Those who are honest with their need and their questions become the protagonists of meaning among their peers. Over and over again, I have witnessed members of this class becoming sources of energy and light for their peers because they do not hide their need for more, their desire for meaning. When Christ said, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit,’ he was speaking of hearts like these, who are able to recognize Christ and follow Him when He calls.”

It’s a close-knit group, 56 of whom have been together at St. Joseph’s since the sixth grade.

“The Class of 2019 has always been focused on forging strong ties with one another,” said Steven Jones, Director of the High School. “They’re very supportive of their peers, but what impresses me most is the way they’ve always been happy together. The athletes come to the Fine Arts performances and seem genuinely happy for their friends. Likewise, the students have been very supportive of the various teams at St. Joe’s. It’s not just that they go to whatever is on campus — they enjoy being together.”

It’s a class that has produced more than its share of talented athletes — 13 will be moving on to compete collegiately — and they’ve led the Knights to great heights.This year, St. Joe’s added five state championships (boys swimming, girls and boys cross country, volleyball and boys track) to its collection and won yet another Carlisle Cup as the best athletic program in the state in its classification (2A).

“This is truly a remarkable senior class,” said Athletic Director Eric Nash. “They are the first class in school history to win four straight Carlisle Cups. More than 10% of our senior class is going on to play college athletics and 12 of them at Division I programs. I’m not sure what other schools’ numbers are like, but I’m guessing we have a very high percentage moving on to play college athletics. This senior class not only has some great athletes but exceptional students and leaders as well.”

Fine Arts Department Chair Teresa McGrath said it’s been “an absolute joy and privilege” to work with the students of the Class of 2019 for the past seven years.

“The students who have been involved in the Fine Arts have been dedicated in pursuing their interests and passions, gifting their time and talent to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” Ms. McGrath said. “In every project and production, they have brought enthusiasm, collaboration and determination to overcome challenges and obstacles.

“They have been inspiring and courageous leaders, creative individuals and joy-filled young adults. I have no doubt that these students will use their gifts to be ‘the salt of the earth’ and ‘the light of the world.’ ““This has also been a class that embodied the old adage that ‘iron sharpens iron,’ ” Dr. Jones said. “These kids have pushed each other to succeed and at times pulled each other along.”

As an example he cited the new aeronautics class, which “threw a couple of kids a curveball because no one knew what to expect.”

“For some of them, it wasn’t what they thought it was at all,” Dr. Jones said, “but I saw small groups emerge that helped each other get through the material. They really turned it into a kind of club and were genuinely happy when many of their peers passed the national exam.

“There was a real sense of camaraderie in the class, and that’s been true of these students all along.”

“Our kids are very talented and motivated,” said Mr. Kiser. “They are leaders, and so they will be in a position to change lives for the better. We want them to see that their fulfillment is deeply tied to loving and serving others. If they come to realize this through their personal experiences, they will set the world on fire for good. That’s our hope.”


Brooks McCoy (SJCS Class of 2015), a recent graduate of Kenyon College and a four-year member of the Lords’ swimming and diving team, was among the winter sports recipients of an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship.

Brooks will receive a one-time, nonrenewable grant of $10,000 after being chosen from a pool that includes all three NCAA divisions. Each sports season (fall, winter, spring), 21 scholarships are available for men and 21 for women for use in an accredited graduate program. The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

Brooks, who majored in economics and was a 2019 team captain, plans to attend the University of Georgia School of Law.

While competing for the Kenyon swim team, Brooks was a three-time NCAA qualifier. He specialized in distance events, as well as the 400-yard individual medley, and won three NCAA All-America awards and one All-North Coast Athletic Conference honor.

Congrats to Brooks and best of luck in law school!




HSSR: High School Sports Report
SCCAWS: South Carolina Coaches Association Women’s Sports All-State
SCFCA: South Carolina Football Coaches Association


Girls Golf
(1st in Region, 3rd in State)
All-Region – Emma Curran, Kaitlyn Dumit, Reagan Lillibridge
Region Coach of the Year – Mark Matlock
Team Awards
MVP – Emma Curran
Most Improved – Kaitlyn Dumit, Raegan Lillibridge
Most Dedicated – Caleigh Noonan

(1st in Region, 1st in State 2A)
SCCAWS – Lauren DeLo
Region Player of the Year – Lauren DeLo
Region Coach of the Year – Jan Carino
All-Region – Katie Culumovic, Kyra Thompson, Lauren DeLo
2A Player of the Year SCCAWS – Lauren DeLo
All-State – Katie Culumovic, Kyra Thompson, Lauren DeLo
North/South All-Stars – Katie Culumovic, Lauren DeLo, Kyra Thompson
HSSR-SCHSL 2A Player of Year – Kyra Thompson
HSSR-SCHSL 2A Coach of Year – Jan Carino
HSSR-SCHSL All-State – Katie Culumovic, Lauren DeLo
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Katie Culumovic
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Lauren DeLo, Kyra Thompson
The Greenville News All Upstate Player of the Year finalist – Katie Culumovic
2A State Champions – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
2A State Champions – 2016, 2017, 2018
Team Awards
MVP – Lauren DeLo, Katie Culumovic, Kyra Thompson
Most Improved – Emily Normand

Girls Swimming
(1st in Region, 4th in State)
All-Region – Elizabeth Loudermilk, Mary Kate Farrell, Chelsea Rose Doyle
All-State – Elizabeth Loudermilk, Mary Kate Farrell, Chelsea Rose Doyle, Helen Norton, Katy Permanente
Team Awards
MVP – Mary Kate Farrell
Coaches Award – Maria Clark
Most Improved – Chloe Lonergan
Spirit Award – Kate Bruner


Boys Swimming
(1st in Region, 1st in State 3A)
All-Region – Liam Walker, Silas Crosby, Jack Doyle, Preston Jennings, James Cline
All-State – Liam Walker, Silas Crosby, Jack Doyle, Jack Lonergan, Preston Jennings
Region Boys Swimmer of the Year – Liam Walker
HSSR-SCHSL 1A-2A-3A Boys Co-Swimmers of the Year – Liam Walker, Silas Crosby
HSSR-SCHSL 1A-2A-3A Boys Swim Coach of the Year – Becky VanEvera
Region Boys and Girls Coach of the Year – Becky VanEvera
The Greenville News All-Upstate Swimmer of the Year – Liam Walker
The Greenville News All-Upstate First Team – Silas Crosby, Jack Doyle, Preston Jennings, Liam Walker
The Greenville News All-Upstate Second Team – Silas Crosby, Jack Doyle, Preston Jennings, Liam Walker
3A State Champions – 2017, 2018
Team Awards
MVP – Liam Walker
Coaches Award – Anthony Cinquemani
Most Improved – Joey Stansberry
Spirit Award – Preston Jennings

Girls Tennis
(2nd in Region, 3rd in State)
All-Region – Julia Jacques, Marta Ratkowski
North-South All-Star – Caroline Curran
State Quarterfinalist – Julia Jacques
SCTA All-State – Julia Jacques
The Greenville News All-Upstate First Team – Julia Jacques
Team Awards
MVP – Adrianna Delacruz
Leadership – Caroline Curran
Sportsmanship Award – Helen Kopsick, Grayson Malcomb
Knight Award – Julia Jacques

Girls Cross Country
(1st in Region, 1st in State 2A)
SC Gatorade Girls Runner of the Year – Ava Dobson
SCCAWS All-State – Ava Dobson
All-Region- Brigid Alvis, Lili Jaraczewski, Caroline Linen
All-County – Brigid Alvis, Lili Jaraczewski
All-State – Brigid Alvis, Ava Dobson, Lili Jaraczewski, Caroline Linen
HSSR-SCHSL Class 2A/1A Girls Runner of the Year – Ava Dobson
HSSR-SCHSL Class 2A/1A Girls Coach of the Year – Marie Kernell
HSSR-SCHSL All-State – Brigid Alvis, Lillian Jaraczewski, Caroline Linen
Region Coach of the Year – Marie Kernell
SC Track and Cross Country Coaches Association Coach of the Year – Marie Kernell
The Greenville News All Upstate Runner of the Year – Ava Dobson
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Ava Dobson
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Caroline Linen, Lili Jaraczewski
Shrine Bowl Run – Lili Jaraczewski

Boys Cross Country
(1st in Region, 1st in State 2A)
All-Region – Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue, Tristan McTigue, Zac Palmer, Josh Powers
Region Runner of the Year – Josh Powers
All-County – Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue, Tristan McTigue, Josh Powers
All-State – Brendan McTigue, Tristan McTigue, Zac Palmer, Josh Powers
SCRunners Race Series Team Winner
SCRunners Race Series Individual Winner – Brendan McTigue
HSSR SCHSL Class 2A Boys Coach of the Year – George Carr
HSSR SCHSL All-State – Brendan McTigue, Tristan McTigue, Josh Powers
Shrine Bowl Run – Josh Powers, Zach Palmer
Region Coach of the Year – George Carr
SC Track and Cross Country Coaches Association Coach of the Year – George Carr
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Brendan McTigue
Team Awards
MVP – Brendan McTigue
MIP – Isaac Hine
Coaches Awards – Josh Powers, Dylan McTigue

(4th in Region, 1st Round Playoff)
Region Player of the Year – Jake Johanning
First Team All-Region – Jake Johanning, Luke Bynum, Josh Masters, Rashad Luckey
Second Team All Region – Alex Wimberly, Mark Lyons, Kyle Lonergan, Joseph Poole
North-South All-Star – Jake Johanning
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Jake Johanning
1st win over Christ Church in school history
Team Awards
Knight Award – Luke Bynum
Unsung Hero Award Defense – Adam Rogers
Unsung Hero Award Offense – Andrew Kruk
Blue Collar Award – Nathan Turcotte

Competitive Cheer
Team Awards
Knight Award – Lizzy Latham
Leadership Award – Conyers Wingard
Most Spirited – Mary Lynam
4th in Gameday Competition


Boys Basketball
(4th in Region, Sweet 16)
All-Region – Colin Burns, Miles Murray
Team Awards
Knight Award – Connor Bailey, Walker Pace
Best Offensive Player – Miles Murray
Best Defensive Player – Colin Burns
Most Improved – Ben Saunders

Girls Basketball
(5th in Region, 1st Round Playoff)
All-Region – Essence Thompson, Emily Meade
Team Awards
Knight Award – Guilana Fajardo
Coaches Award – Brittany Morris
Offensive Player of the Year – Madeline Duwe

(3rd in Region)
1st Team All-Region – Matt Wilson, Nick Betit
MS State Qualifiers – Logan Dodge, Hammond Fayssoux
Team Awards
Knight Award – Danny d’Anjou
Most Valuable Wrestler – Matt Wilson


(5th in Region)
All-State – Matthew Marchal
All-Region – Matthew Marchal, Walker Pace
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Matthew Marchal
Team Awards
Most Outstanding Offensive Player – Walker Pace
Most Outstanding Defensive Player – Alex Wimberly
Knight Award – Drew McCarthy
Pitcher of the Year – Matthew Marchal
Most Valuable Player – Matthew Marchal
Keys to Castle Award – Luke Bynum
Rookie of the Year – Thomas Werner

Boys Golf
(5th in Region)
All-Region – Joey Clary
Team Awards
MVP – Joey Clary
6th Man Award – Sebastian Casanova

Boys Lacrosse
(2nd in Region)
All Region – Sami Nassif, Daniel Pekalak
Team Awards
Offensive MVP – Sami Nassif
Defensive MVP – Daniel Pekalak
Team Leader – Spencer Marchant
Knight Award – Nick Crews

Girls Lacrosse
All Region – Delaney Egan, Cailin Sullivan, Veronica Carroll
Team Awards
MVP – Veronica Carroll
Offensive Player of the Year – Cailin Sullivan
Defensive Player of the Year – Delaney Egan
Most Spirit – Kelsey Fitzgerald
Most Improved – Emma Martin

Boys Soccer
(2nd in Region, played for Upper State championship)
Region Co-Player of the Year – Connor Stein
All-Region – Robbie Cromley, Connor Stein, Alex May
North-South All-Stars – Robbie Cromley, Connor Stein
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Connor Stein
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Robbie Cromley
Team Awards
MVP – Robbie Cromley
Defensive Players of the Year – Alex May, Connor Stein
Coaches Award – Andrew Armstrong

Girls Soccer
(1st in Region, played for Upper State championship)
Region Player of the Year – Abbie Panuccio
All-Region- Abbie Panuccio, Kat Uprichard, Victoria Kucaba, Julia Thompson
SC Coaches Association All-State Team – Julia Thompson, Abbie Panuccio, Victoria Kucaba
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Abbie Panuccio

(3rd in Region, 3rd Playoff Finish)
All-Region- Kendall Harvey, Abigail Salerno

Boys Tennis
(1st in Region in 2nd in State)
Region Player of the Year – Nicholas Loudermilk
All-Region – Nicholas Loudermilk, Bradnon Hodge, Maclean Armstrong
State Singles Selections – Nicholas Loudermilk, Brandon Hodge, Maclean Armstrong
The Greenville News All Upstate First Team – Nicholas Loudermilk
The Greenville News All Upstate Boys Tennis Player of the Year – Nicholas Loudermilk
Team Awards
MVP –Nicholas Loudermilk
Most Spirit – Lee Eberly
Leadership – Brandon Hodge
Knight Award – Patrick Reese
Most Improved – Maclean Armstrong

Girls Track
(2nd in Region, 7th in State)
All-Region – Lili Jaraczewski, Annika Bissinger, Ava Dobson, Caroline Linen
Team Awards
MVP – Lili Jaraczewski
Coaches Awards – Caroline Linen, Annika Bissinger
Most Improved – Madison Powers

Boys Track
(3rd in Region, 1st in State)
Region Track and Field Male Athlete of the Year- Josh Powers
All State – Josh Powers (800 meters)
All-Region – Dylan McTigue, Brendan McTigue, Zac Palmer, Josh Powers
The Greenville News All Upstate Second Team – Josh Powers, Isaac Hine, Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue, Tristan McTigue, Zac Palmer
Team Awards
MVP – Josh Powers
Coaches Awards – Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue
Most Improved – Tristan McTigue


Six SJCS students were honored and presented with Book Awards and the West Point Leadership Award.


Vanderbilt University: Juliana Moore
The Vanderbilt Book Award is presented to the rising senior who has distinguished themselves through leadership ability as demonstrated by their ability or potential ability to make a difference in the community, taking into consideration academic achievement and extracurricular activities.

Washington and Lee University: Julia VanPutte
The Washington and Lee Book Award is presented to a rising senior) who, in the opinion of the school, most exemplifies a combination of academic excellence, personal integrity and strength of character, participation in extracurricular activities and leadership.

Sewanee: University of the South: Elizabeth Tamura
The Sewanee Book Award for Excellence in Writing recipients are strong writers, learners and community members. Criteria includes high academic performance and demonstrated leadership in the school and community.

Saint Michael’s College: Kaitlyn Meade
The Saint Michael’s Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience recipient has demonstrated academic excellence and a sustained and sincere commitment to community service, issues of peace and justice and concern for others.

The George Washington University: Luciana Strathern
The George Washington University Book Award recognizes high school juniors who embody the GWU drive and spirit, specifically with academic excellence, leadership outside of the classroom, diversity of thought and ability to put knowledge into action.

The West Point Leadership Award rewards a junior who has demonstrated leadership, high academic performance, athletic success, community service and good citizenship.


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Twenty-four rising SJCS 8th-graders were honored during the 2019-2020 Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony Thursday in the JPII Center.

The 24 new Junior Beta Club members are:

Maeve Arnett
Miller Babcock
Kaitlyn Dach
Isabella Delacruz
Grace Eilers
Connor Farrell
Patrick Frank
Chandler Hargett
Lillie Hecker
Charlotte Horin
Johnny Jaraczewski
Patrick Kucaba
Montgomery Meade
Hannah Moore
Sarah Morgan
Annaliese Nelli
Gabe Nelson
Lindsey Netterville
Jordan Pearse
Isabella Ross
Palmer Saad
Taylor Scott
Mateo Simon
Ella Starks


The SJCS Middle School’s National Junior Beta Club presented a check for $1,000 to Birthright of Greenville Director Meg Kocher, whose organization has been helping women with unplanned pregnancies for more than 50 years.

By offering love, hope, support and resources, Birthright has grown to become a pregnancy support service with hundreds of centers throughout Canada, the United States and Africa. Along with providing love and support to mothers and their unborn children, it also helps mothers with essentials such as pregnancy testing, medical attention, housing and counseling referrals, as well as providing maternity and baby items. Through Birthright’s strong support system, these mothers and their children can realize hope for their future.

Last year, Lyle Jones brought to the attention of the Junior Beta Club Compassion International, whose mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. It is a Christ-centered, church-based, child-focused organization that partners with more than 7,000 churches worldwide to help children in poverty fulfill their God given potential by providing for their greatest needs, protection, food, safe water, medical care and educational support.

The Beta Club’s from last year and this year chose to work to help these children. Through their efforts with movie nights and walk-a-thons, the Beta Club was able to send Compassion International a $2,000 donation to help those children.

Both donations were collaborative efforts between last year’s Beta Club and this year’s group.

The SJCS Junior Beta club — whose motto is “Let us lead by serving others” — should be commended for its contributions to such worthy causes!


For those of you who may be interested in attending and showing support for Maddie Starks (SJCS Class of 2018)…

Maddie is one of six finalists in the “1 Voice Hub City” singer-songwriter competition at the Wild Wing Cafe in Spartanburg.The specific theme of the contest was overcoming adversity. Maddie used two poems that she wrote during her creative writing class with Megan Koon.  She pulled them together and then added music!

The event will be at the Wild Wing Cafe in Spartanburg at 7:00 PM tomorrow night (Thursday, May 23).  Tickets are $10 and all proceeds from the contest go to Safe Homes, a rape crisis center.

Good luck to Maddie!


The SJCS athletic program has won the Carlisle Cup for the fourth consecutive year and the sixth time in the last seven years!

The Carlisle Cup is presented each year by the South Carolina Athletic Administrators Association to the most outstanding athletic program in each classification.

St. Joe’s has won the Class 2A competition each of the past three years after winning in 1A in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

During the 2018-19 school year, the Knights won state championships in volleyball, boys swimming, girls and boys cross country and boys track.

The Knights also posted top-four finishes in boys tennis (state runner-up); girls swimming and girls golf (third); and girls tennis and girls and boys soccer (Upper State finals).

In addition, the SJCS football, girls and boys basketball, boys lacrosse, baseball and softball teams made the playoffs, and the girls track team recorded a seventh-place finish in the state.

Congrats to all the Knights’ athletes and coaches for this tremendous achievement!


Much gratitude to Brewery 85 and the St. Joseph’s Athletics Booster Club for hosting the Coaches Appreciation Dinner Thursday night!

And many thanks to our coaches for all their hard work and dedication all year long!


Twenty years from now, what will you remember most about your time at SJCS?

Annika Bissinger
My senior year, as I was able to see first-hand what all my hard work and stress the past seven years had led to. As a senior, I was truly able to experience the school environment, knowing that I had made an impact on the school and had given my best.

Annakate Blanks
I will remember how my time at SJCS made me into a hard-working, determined and focused person. I will remember the SJCS community and how it welcomed me with opened arms when I first came to St. Joe’s. I will remember the faculty, like Ms. Neubauer and Mr. Meyer, and the teachers, like Mrs. Koon and Mr. Morris, who were always there to help and strengthen me as a student and a young adult. It’s impossible to list only one thing that I will remember in 20 years, because so many different parts of St. Joe’s have impacted my life.

Luke Bynum
I will most remember playing football with my friends, putting in all the work year-round and seeing it come to fruition in the fall.

Joseph Calhoun
I will remember the amazing moments we had during basketball season: the team bonding, big games and just how much fun we had.

Eleanor Cassidy
I will remember the people who taught me so many important things and gave me incredible memories.

Anthony Cinquemani
I will remember most the people that I met at SJCS. I learned in a very concrete way that I encounter Christ through people, and I have met amazing people. I genuinely hope and am certain that I will stay in touch with several friends from this school, and I will always enjoy visiting to see the teachers. SJCS gave me the gift of lasting friendships with great meaning.

Maria Clark
I will remember the community that I was a part of through Campus Ministry. Whether it was the AGAPE band or Wednesday nights, the amount of love and closeness is something I won’t forget.

James Clemence
My brotherhood of friends and my spiritual growth formed by St. Joe’s.

Davis Cooney
I will remember the friendships I formed during my seven years walking these halls.

Luke Cumby
The education I was given and the people I encountered.

Lee Eberly
I will remember becoming so close to all of my classmates. Being at a small school for seven years with mostly the same people creates a family environment, as you know everyone personally.

Holly Edenfield
I think I will most remember leading Kairos. That was something that I really enjoyed, because I had several parents and students thank me and tell me I helped bring them closer to Christ.

G Fajardo
I will remember the exhilarating moment when I walked onto the stage of the JPII stage with Elizabeth Poinsette during one of St. Joseph’s most loved days: Jubilate Knight. I was the pianist, and she was the singer. I won’t forget how we performed well and in synch, along with the cheers and applause of the audience afterwards. Thankfully, we were able to win an award for our category! God is good.

Emily Garceau
I will remember how St. Joe’s taught me the importance of managing my time and the importance of having fun.

Anna Scott Gardner
The friends I made here.

Rachel Hall
I will definitely remember the St. Augustine trip, all of the campus ministry retreats, the March for Life field trip, the campus ministry New York trip and the senior mission trip. All of these experiences allowed me grow in my relationships with my peers and get to know students from other grades.

Elizabeth Harris
I’m going to remember the friends I made. When I started at SJCS in sixth grade, I wasn’t very religious, but when seventh grade started, I met a girl named Dessa Jones. She helped me grow my faith and became my best friend in the process. Then in ninth grade I met Elizabeth Poinsette, and though we didn’t become best friends immediately, I went through a rough time in 10th grade and she helped me through it. Then finally in 12th grade, I met a girl named Maria Wilson, who happened to be new. She was a bit emotional at the beginning, but we soon became best friends as well. The four of us call ourselves DEMA, which stands for Dessa, Elizabeth, Maria, Ann (both Elizabeth and I have Ann/Anne as our middle name). We support each other through thick and thin, and I could never forget something as special as that.

Ava Keating
The dedication that the teachers had for making us the best students and individuals we can be. I will also be forever thankful to be surrounded by opportunities to grow in my faith. The people who were placed in front of me, from friends to teachers, have been some of the greatest blessings of my life.

Helen Kopscik
I will never forget the teachers, such as Mr. Orbon and Mrs. Fesler, who are so dedicated to the spiritual well being of the students. Mr. Orbon was always willing to bring our religion class to adoration, because he believes that us spending time with the Lord is ultimately the most important thing we could learn at St. Joe’s.

Lizzie Latham
My friends.

Gracie Malcomb
There are many things I will remember from St. Joseph’s in 20 years. I will always remember how kind and supportive my friends and teachers were to me!

Alex Malvern
The plays and musicals, especially tech weeks. Though it was stressful at times, it was a wonderful week of theatre, friendship and joy.

Matthew Marchal
Making friends, playing basketball and baseball, enjoying life.

Chase Marlar
I will remember my friends and the fun things we did at SJCS.

Katie Massey

Justin May
I will remember the friendships I made at SJCS. I will specifically remember being a part of the soccer team for seven years and playing with my teammates.

Miles Murray
My friends and my time as a basketball player. I will also never forget how the school brought me in with open arms and helped me flourish academically, athletically and socially.

Emma Nixon
I will remember the people who impacted my life in both the big and little ways. The best memory I have is after our Kairos retreat, when we were in Mrs. Schroeder’s room on Sunday night, and we all were circled around the room eating pizza and singing together. This summed up my experience at St. Joe’s. Being surrounded by people who I have known for so long after spending such a meaningful weekend together made me feel such a genuine love for every person in that room. This feeling of home that I have felt in my classmates will be something that I remember forever about my time at St. Joe’s.

Emerson Pace
I will remember the community, friendships and hard work that has prepared me. I will remember how most teachers really cared about how I did in their classes and help me to succeed.

Michael Anne Pace
I will remember the friendships I had.

Walker Pace
All the times I’ve messed around in class with my friends, and how we never got work done in study hall when we had mountains of homework to do that night.

Elizabeth Poinsette
Memories from cross county and theatre and the friendships I made.

Weeks Poole
The amazing friends I made here. They’ve had such a huge impact on my life, and I know I’ve got some friends for life.

Abbie Salerno
All the memories made that you will remember with friends, doing silly things and messing around.

Emma Kate Seckinger
I will remember how different the environment at St. Joe’s was from when I was at a different high school. I’ll remember the friendships and the teachers who were there for me through some difficult things. I will remember how spirited our class was and how genuine almost everyone I met was. I wouldn’t have wanted to do high school any other way.

William Smith
I will remember the great friends I met throughout my years here.

Dillon Spikings
I will remember all of the teachers who devoted their time and efforts to ensuring we are ready for the world we are about to enter.

Alex Walajtys
I will remember the wonderful friendships I’ve made with my classmates and some of my teachers.  Mrs. Koon and Mrs. Q are some of the most inspirational people I’ve met, and they have guided me through a lot of difficult times. I’ve been here for seven years, and I will never lose the friendships I made from middle school and high school.  I am so thankful for that!

Liam Walker
My friends.

Abigail Weaver
All of the time I spent in the theatre and my experiences there will be what I remember the most.

Joseph Wersinger
I’ll remember all the friends that I made and the teachers I was close to.

Maria Wilson
Study hall with Elizabeth Harris.


What is your proudest accomplishment during your years at SJCS?

Annika Bissinger
Holding up a check for over $41,000 for St. Anthony’s after Spirit Week.

Annakate Blanks
My proudest accomplishment during my years at SJCS was being chosen for three years in a row to work the Gala. While this might seem small to some, it meant a lot to me because it showed that the school viewed me as a student who would accurately reflect St. Joe’s, and it gave me a chance to serve those who have put so much into my school. Yes, I am proud of my academic accomplishments, but this accomplishment was character-centered, and it also gave me another way to say thank you.

Luke Bynum
My most memorable moment was beating Christ Church for the first time in school history on Oct. 26, 2018, 35-10.

Joseph Calhoun
Being able to get into the colleges I wanted to go to.

Eleanor Cassidy
Getting my YIG bill passed in Youth in Government with Maria Clark.

Anthony Cinquemani
I am most proud of how I strove to approach learning with honesty and diligence. I know that I worked hard to achieve graduation and acceptance to college. I did not coast. This is certainly not a result of my strength alone, but also the help of grace, parents, and teachers. The payoff has been excellent, because I feel that I have lived my time in high school with purpose and have gained truly valuable knowledge.

Maria Clark
Doing swim for four years, doing a 50 free, getting the coach’s award and getting a varsity letter.

James Clemence
Getting my private pilot’s license.

Davis Cooney
Raising $41,320.60 for Spirit Week as a school by itself.

Zack Copher
Gaining the courage to go outside my shell.

Luke Cumby
Being able to handle the challenge of SJCS.

Lee Eberly
My proudest accomplishment was being president of Rise Against Hunger for three years.

Holly Edenfield
During my years at St. Joe’s, I almost died twice because of severe abdominal issues. However, I fought through both times and came out stronger than ever both mentally and physically. I also worked extra hard on my schoolwork and managed to continue onto the next grade both times.

G Fajardo
I am so proud of my leadership opportunities that I was able to take hold of: I have been a member of student council for two years as a public relations officer and historian, and I have also founded and served as President of St. Joseph’s first-ever Table Tennis Society. We were able to have a successful doubles tournament, singles tournament and a teachers vs. students day. We had 96 active members who enjoyed the club!

Emily Garcea
Making all A’s during my junior year.

Anna Scott Gardner
Standing alongside my fellow student council members on the basketball court to reveal the 2019 Spirit Week check for over $40,000, to be given to St. Anthony’s Catholic School!

Rachel Hall
My proudest accomplishment was leading Kairos. This retreat was so enriching when I was a retreatant, and it was even more amazing to lead it for the juniors as a senior. We put a lot of work into the retreat, and it was truly awesome to see it all pay off, as the juniors grew closer together.

Elizabeth Harris
My proudest accomplishment during my four years at SJCS High School is succeeding in Mr. Swingle’s class. I’ve never been very good at history class, and I had heard that Mr. Swingle’s class was very difficult. Taking notes in his class was difficult, because there was so much to write down in so little time. The first test I took was OK, but it wasn’t great. One of my friends asked me for help, and I soon realized that the best way for me to study was to teach someone else what I knew. I overcame my challenges in history and ended up getting an A in his class, as well as writing a fantastic research paper for his class.

Ava Keating
I am proud of how I matured and came to know who I am a little more over my time at St. Joe’s.

Helen Kopscik
Mrs. Lumbreras was able to nominate one student from Spanish Honor Society to apply for a Spanish scholarship, and she chose me. The application was fairly rigorous, with its requirements including an essay written in Spanish and a conversation with Mrs. Lumbreras, also in Spanish. I was skeptical at my chances of actually receiving a scholarship because I was competing against other students who were entirely fluent in Spanish, but I ended up being one of 12 students across the country to receive the highest scholarship offered.

Lizzie Latham
Winning the art show.

Gracie Malcomb
Getting into colleges and receiving the Sportsmanship Award for tennis.

Alex Malvern
At a theatre conference called the Palmetto Dramatic Association, I received the Superior in Acting award for my performance in our school’s one-act play, “This Side of Heaven.”

Matthew Marchal
NHS, beating Christ Church in basketball and baseball, pitching at Fluor Field, winning the first round of playoffs in basketball and making Upper State in baseball.

Chase Marlar
My senior project, because it was cool and the most challenging thing I built up to that point.

Katie Massey
The work ethic I developed here that I will carry with me throughout my years after St. Joe’s.

Justin May
Getting into all my top colleges.

Miles Murray
Becoming a great basketball player and succeeding academically for all four years.

Emma Nixon
Having been chosen to lead a Kairos retreat at St. Joe’s. While St. Joe’s has a lot to be proud of, I think that the Campus Ministry opportunities, including Kairos, are so unique, and the things I have learned will truly stay with me for most if not all of my life. Christian Leadership is so important to me, and I feel that having been chosen to give a talk on this at Kairos was my greatest accomplishment at SJCS.

Emerson Pace

Michael Anne Pace

Walker Pace
When I first got pulled up to varsity baseball toward the end of my eighth-grade year.

Elizabeth Poinsette
Being chosen for the lead in the musical.

Weeks Poole
Hitting the 3-point buzzer-beater from the corner against Christ Church and then beating them in triple overtime in front of a crazy home student section/crowd.

Abbie Salerno
Getting the Life Scholarship after all the hard work I put in.

Emma Kate Seckinger
Being able to lead the Kairos Retreat.

William Smith
Graduating with a GPA and scores that enabled me to get into many of the colleges I was debating about whether or not to attend.

Dillon Spikings
My proudest accomplishment in high school has been branching out and becoming a part of many groups and organizations: being on the JV football team, being an actor, serving as prop manager for the theatre department and, most important, earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Alex Walajtys
My proudest accomplishment is graduating.  Unlike some kids, I have to work extremely hard for my grades because academics are a little harder for me.  During my four years, I have been able to maintain mostly A’s and B’s. I have also passed all of my AP exams.

Liam Walker
Back-to-back state titles in swimming.

Abigail Weaver
Even though I am not an academic brain, I managed to make it all the way to senior year.

Joseph Wersinger
Trying my hardest to succeed and getting into my dream college.

Maria Wilson
Becoming friends with Elizabeth Harris.


Which teacher/staff member has made a difference in your life?

Annika Bissinger
Coach Kernell, Mr. Brady, Coach Carr, Mrs. Koon, Mr. Gabor.

Annakate Blanks
Many teachers and staff members have made a difference in my life, but one in particular impacted my life inside and outside of the classroom. Mrs. Koon is one of the key people who make St. Joseph’s what it is. She is selfless. She comes into school early and stays late, just to listen and help me and many other students. She always checks on me, whether I’ve been out sick for one day or one week. She shows the love of Christ in everything she does. I would not be who I am today if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Koon’s constant encouragement, advice, love and motivation.

Luke Bynum
Coach Wheeler made an impact in my life, because after having a rough junior year football-wise, he convinced me to stay and he helped me be the leader and man I know I can be.

Joseph Calhoun
Mr. Swingle.

Mark Capelle
Mr. Swingle.

Eleanor Cassidy
Mrs. Schroeder.

Anthony Cinquemani
Could I possibly list them all? If I had to choose one, I would say Mr. Lewis because he introduced me to a way of approaching the faith that changed my life. More than anything, he is a great friend.

Maria Clark
Mrs. Schroeder.

James Clemence
Mr. Lewis.

Davis Cooney
Mr. Lee.

Zack Copher
Mrs. Koon.

Luke Cumby
Fr. Duncan.

Lee Eberly
Mrs. Fesler.

Holly Edenfield
Mrs. Houmis and Mrs. Collins.

G Fajardo
Mr. Orbon.

Emily Garceau
Mrs. Koon.

Anna Scott Gardner
Mrs. Koon, Mrs. Carr, Mr. Brandon.

Rachel Hall
Mrs. Koon.

Elizabeth Harris
Madame McCoy.

Ava Keating
Ms. Houmis, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Koon, Mrs. Neighbors.

Helen Kopscik
Mrs. Fesler.

Lizzie Latham
Mrs. Carr and Madame McCoy.

Gracie Malcomb
Many, but specifically Mrs. Koon!!!

Alex Malvern
Ms. McGrath. She introduced me to theatre and acting and has helped me to become a better actor and person. Theatre at SJCS changed my life, and I owe so much to Ms. McGrath for helping to nourish that change.

Matthew Marchal
Mr. Orbon.

Chase Marlar
Mrs. Schroeder.

Katie Massey
Mr. Carr.

Justin May
Mrs. Koon.

Miles Murray
Paul Assinesi.

Emma Nixon
Mr. Lewis, Ms. Houmis.

Emerson Pace
Mr. Swingle.

Michael Anne Pace
Mr. Swingle.

Walker Pace
Mr. Swingle.

Elizabeth Poinsette
Mrs. Carr.

Weeks Poole
Mr. Swingle.

Abbie Salerno
Mrs. Carr.

Emma Kate Seckinger
Mrs. Koon.

William Smith
Mr. Koon.

Dillon Spikings
Mr. Orbon.

Alex Walajtys
Mrs. Q.

Liam Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Koon.

Abigail Weaver
Mrs. Neighbors.

Joseph Wersinger
Mrs. Neighbors.

Maria Wilson
Mr. Wilson (the elder).


By Bob Castello

Rachel Hall was struggling as a sophomore at St. Joseph’s. She had come from a public school and hadn’t “found a place” for herself.

Then, at the suggestion of her father to try something new and after an invitation from a friend, Hall attended the St. Joe’s Advent retreat.

“My life was kind of changed after that,” she said. “That retreat definitely holds a special place in my heart.”

For many seniors in the Class of 2019, the annual retreats have been high-water marks, both meaningful and memorable.

“Growing up, Catholicism wasn’t a huge part of my life, and I think these retreats have kind of gotten me closer to God and gotten me closer to the church,” Miles Murray said.

“I think it’s been important in growing my relationship with Jesus and helped me figure out what I want to do in college spiritually. It’s been a very important part of my high school career.”

Emma Nixon attended her first SJCS retreat in the sixth grade. She really enjoyed her freshman retreat, and by her junior year, she was accepted as a leader for the Kairos (God’s time) retreat.

“That was probably the most important retreat to me,” she said, “because I learned a lot about myself and what it meant to actually be a Christian leader. I’d always looked up to the people who led before me.

“It really means a lot to me, because I think Christian leadership is so important, especially to young people who are trying to make their way through high school, which is not an easy thing to do.”

Hall, a leader at Kairos this year, said that retreat is known for creating the strongest bonds.

“I can say that it’s even more special to be able to lead it and see those bonds come together through people that you would have never expected,” she said.

Murray said the bonding begins early on.

“A lot of these guys, I met on the freshman retreat, and I’ve grown closer to them,” he said. “I think it’ll help strengthen our friendships even more as the years go by. I think that has also been a huge aspect of these retreats.”

“I think (it’s) the ability we have at this school to get to know each other so well through these experiences, and just to go off for a weekend and forgot everything that’s going on back at school or at home or whatever and just be with our classmates and get to know each other and get to know the kids older than us and younger than us,” Nixon said.

“I think it has shaped me to be who I am,” said Hall. “It’s allowed me to get to know so many different people at St. Joe’s. It has allowed me to really take hold of what St. Joe’s has to offer, and I can’t be more thankful.”


Four students from the St. Joseph’s Sixth Grade Academy were honored Thursday night at the Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual awards gala banquet at The Commerce Club.

Mary Branch Cotner was selected as the grand prize winner in the organization’s 76th Annual Conservation Essay Contest.

Mary Branch was presented with a certificate and an annual family membership to the zoo for her winning essay on the 2019 theme, “Life in the Soil, Dig Deeper.”

In addition, SJCS sixth-graders swept the top four awards, with Peyton Jenkins taking first place, Austin Dodge second and Allison Kim third.

Congrats to all of these award-winning students!


Lauren (Hawkins) Dion, a 2006 SJCS graduate, was named Leukemia Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year during the organization’s annual gala May 4 at the Charleston Convention Center.

Each year, local business people run a 10-week campaign to raise money for this worthy cause. It became of particular interest to the Hawkins family after Dawn and Andre’s son, John (Class of 2013), was diagnosed as a 14-year-old student at St. Joe’s.

Lauren ran as one of the 12 candidates in the Lowcountry. She raised $55,700 for the cause and earned 2019 Woman of the Year honors. Andre Hawkins ran in Greenville in 2012 and won Man of the Year. Lauren’s husband, Chris Dion (Class of 2005), ran last year in Charleston, and John Hawkins will run in Jacksonville, Fla., in 2020.

Congrats to all in the Hawkins family!


By Bob Castello

When it comes to 56 of the seniors at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, familiarity breeds a more comfortable setting. That’s how many of those graduating have been at the school for seven years.

“It’s not as nerve-racking,” said Elizabeth Harris, one of those who have attended St. Joe’s since the sixth grade.

“I feel like a lot of people come into high school, and they’re like, ‘I don’t know the school, I don’t know the people,’ but coming into high school with all the same people and in the same building, it really puts you at ease.

“It was pretty reassuring, just because you don’t have to make a whole new friend group when you come into high school,” Luke Bynum said.

“You can stay with the people you went to middle school with. Also, you kind of got an introduction to the teachers when you were in middle school. Moving into high school, you can further those bonds and make new ones with the high school teachers.”

Harris followed her sister to St. Joe’s.

“When I first came, I didn’t really know anybody because I came from a public school,” she said. “I made a lot of friends in my Household, and I’m actually still friends with a lot of them right now. I just took the AP Calculus exam, and all those people in my class, I’m really bonded to them because I’ve known them for seven years.”

“My friends and I who have been here since sixth grade, we talk about how we can’t believe we’ve known each other since we were 10 or 11 years old, and we’re such good friends when we’re 18 years old, and we’re going to continue to be friends,” said Helen Kopscik.

“Just having so much time to be able to build those friendships — not only with friends but with teachers — is huge, and it makes the experience at St. Joe’s that much better.”

“Being here since sixth grade, everyone changes,” Lee Eberly said. “You look back now at everyone who’s been for all seven years, and you see where everyone’s going to college and what they want to do with their lives. It’s really cool knowing them for such an extended period of time.

“I think a lot of the people who have been here for seven years have more of a special connection than people who came later on.”

It gives them a nucleus on which to build.

“It’s pretty cool to see the same faces, but it’s also cool to add the new ones to your friend group,” said Bynum.

“It’s crazy to think I’ve been here for seven whole years,” Kopscik said. “I can’t even imagine life not at St. Joe’s. It’s been such a huge part of me for so long, it’s almost like a part of me that’s going to be lost after I graduate.”

The following members of the Class of 2019 have attended SJCS since the sixth grade:

Andrew Armstrong
Jack Bailey
Madi Barrett
Annika Bissinger
Luke Bynum
Sarah Grace Calder
Veronica Carroll
Maria Clark
Davis Cooney
Robbie Cromley
Katie Culumovic
Luke Cumby
Luke Cunniffe
Caroline Curran
Lee Eberly
Natalia Freund
Antonio Gacha
Anna Scott Gardner
Leo Gibson
Elizabeth Harris
Kate Harrison
Brandon Hodge
Ava Keating
Jacob Kiser
Madison Koontz
Helen Kopscik
Lizzie Latham
Sophie Lee
Jack Lonergan
James Lovett
Mary Lynam
Jack Malo
Alex Malvern
Chase Marlar
Justin May
Ryan McLear
Jadin Nassif
Emma Nixon
Emerson Pace
Michael Anne Pace
Walker Pace
Zac Palmer
Abbie Panuccio
Weeks Poole
Matthew Ramsdell
Abbie Salerno
William Smith
Dillon Spikings
Phillip Stapleton
Connor Stein
Kyra Thompson
Katherine Uprichard
Megan Uprichard
Alex Walajtys
Maegan White
Conyers Wingard
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