SJCS Softball Second in Region After Senior Night Win

Tuesday night’s game against Brashier Middle College delivered the ideal night for SJCS softball – bottom of the 7th action, an 8-7 Knight’s victory, and a great evening to celebrate the senior class team members!

The high scoring game was back and forth with early excitement as senior Maggie Barr capitalized on an error to turn her solo bunt into an in the park home run. Barr pulled out all the stops to round the bases after the throw to first overshot into the outfield.

The Knights were down 6-7 going into the bottom of the 7th inning (the final inning of the game, for those more accustomed to baseball). With two outs, Julia Slaughter dropped a long fly ball at the base of the center field wall, crossing home plate with the Knight’s second in the park home run of the game to tie it up. Slaughter was followed by Alice Norton and senior Abby Salerno both keeping the game alive with base hits, Norton making it to third as Kendall Harvey stepped up to the plate. With Harvey providing pressure at bat, Brashier’s catcher failed to stop a pitch, allowing Alice Norton to make a break from third base and slide into home to win the game for the Knights!

Congratulations to our softball ladies on such an exciting win and to our seniors and their families!

#7 – Maegan White
#11 – Maggie Barr
#16 – Abbie Salerno