Mills Uniform Sale – May 6

Mills Uniform Company will be on campus on May 6 for a mobile store event in our gym. Mills will bring a fully-stocked mobile store directly to our campus with a full selection of garments to try on and purchase. The hours will be from 2:00-6:00 PM for parents, and students will be able to shop with their parents after school. Students will not be allowed to miss class to go over to the gym.

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The St. Joseph’s Catholic School track and field team completed the first round of its “postseason playoffs” in the Region 1-2A meet Wednesday at Southside Christian School.

The girls earned a very close second-place finish. A season’s worth of hard work and dedication was evident in the 15 personal records that were set during the meet. Twenty of the girls will be advancing to the next round, the state qualifier meet. Out of 17 events, St. Joseph’s will have female runners, throwers, vaulters and jumpers in 14 separate events.

The boys recorded a respectable third-place finish, gaining 13 personal records in the process. Fourteen will advance to the state qualifier in nine different events.

The 34 Knights advancing will compete with the top 2A athletes in South Carolina at the state qualifier in Columbia May 4. At this meet, the top eight finishers in each of the 17 events will advance to the state championship meet May 11 at Spring Valley High School in Columbia. Cheer them all on if you see them!

Girls 4×800 Relay Champions (Annika Bissinger, Ava Dobson, Lili Jaraczewski & Caroline Linen)
Girls 400 Dash Champion: Annika Bissinger
Girls 1600 & 3200 Champion: Ava Dobson
Boys 4×800 Relay Champions (Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue, Zac Palmer & Josh Powers)
Boys 800, 1600, & 3200 Champion: Josh Powers
Region 1-2A Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year: Josh Powers

Brigid Stanton – Shot Put, Discus
Helen Norton – Long Jump, Triple Jump
Lane Anderson – Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4×100
Maria Wilson – Pole Vault
Grace Eilers – Triple Jump, 100 and 400 Hurdles
Hannah Adams – Triple Jump
Sylvia Kucinic – 100 and 400 Hurdles
Ava Dobson – 1600, 3200, 4×800
Lillie Jaraczewski – 1600, 3200, 4×800
Annika Bissinger – 400, 4×800, 4×400
Caroline Linen – 800, 4×800, 4×400
Sarah Crosby – 4×400, 4×100
Mary Ellison McCoy – 4×100
Emily Crosby – 4×100
Isabel Poinsett – 4×100
Evelyn Poinsett – 4×100
Madison Powers – 4×800
Maggie Patterson – 4×400
Julie Jaques – 4×400
Megan Liptak – 4×400

Isaac Hine – High Jump, 400 Hurdles, 4×800
Noel Tristan – Pole Vault
Josh Powers – 1600, 800, 3200, 4×800
Brendan McTigue – 1600, 3200, 800, 4×800
Zac Palmer – 1600, 800, 4×400, 4×800
Tristan McTigue – 1600, 3200, 4×800
Dylan McTigue – 800, 3200, 4×400, 4×800
James Clemence – 4×400
Cole Van Emburg – 4×100, 4×400
Max Weaver – 4×100, 4×400
Cooney Davis – 4×400, 4×100
Philip Stapleton – 4×100
Chris Johnson – 4×100
Nik Szymczyk – 4×100

100H -Sylvia Kucinic, Grace Eilers, tied for 4th
400m- Annika Bissinger, 1st
400H – Grace Eilers, 5th; Sylvia Kucinic, 6th
800m- Caroline Linen, 2nd
1600m-Ava Dobson, 1st; Lili Jaraczewski, 5th
3200m-Ava Dobson, 1st; Lili Jaraczewski, 5th
4x100m-Sarah Crosby, Emily Crosby, Isabelle Poinsette, Mary Ellison McCoy, 4th
4x400m-Annika Bissinger, Caroline Linen, Meghan Liptak, Sara Crosby, 2nd
4x800m-Annika Bissinger, Ava Dobson, Caroline Linen, Lili Jaraczewski, 1st
Long Jump – Helen Norton, 2nd; Lane Anderson, 4th; Hannah Adams, 7th
Triple Jump – Lane Anderson, 2nd; Grace Eilers, 3rd; Helen Norton, 5th; Hannah Adams, 6th
High Jump – Grace Eilers, 7th; Sylvia Kucinic, Helen Norton, tied for 8th
Shot Put – Brigid Stanton, 2nd
Discus – Brigid Stanton, 5th
Pole Vault – Maria Wilson, 5th

100H – Justin Chamberlin, 7th
400H – Isaac Hine, 5th
800m- Josh Powers, 1st; Dylan McTigue, 2nd; Brendan McTigue, 3rd; Zac Palmer, 5th
1600m-Josh Powers, 1st; Brendan McTigue, 3rd; Zac Palmer, 5th; Tristan McTigue, 6th
3200m- Josh Powers, 1st; Brendan McTigue, 2nd; Dylan McTigue, 4th; Tristan McTigue, 5th
4x100m- Phillip Stapleton, Max Weaver, Cole Van Emburg, Davis Cooney, 5th
4x400m- James Clemence, Dylan McTigue, Cole Van Emburg, Zak Palmer, 3rd
4x800m- Brendan McTigue, Dylan McTigue, Zac Palmer, Josh Powers, 1st
High Jump – Isaac Hine, 5th
Pole Vault – Tristan Noel, 6th

Spring Break Trip Leaves for European WW II History Tour

Their Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Churchill, Band of Brothers, Anne Frank. These are just a few of the stories that will come to life for the St. Joseph’s students and parents joining trip organizers Mrs. Neighbors and Mrs. Carr in Europe for spring break! The group will travel to England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands visiting World War II battleground sites and more. Keep our travelers in your prayers this Easter, and stay tuned for their stories after the break!

SJCS Softball Second in Region After Senior Night Win

Tuesday night’s game against Brashier Middle College delivered the ideal night for SJCS softball – bottom of the 7th action, an 8-7 Knight’s victory, and a great evening to celebrate the senior class team members!

The high scoring game was back and forth with early excitement as senior Maggie Barr capitalized on an error to turn her solo bunt into an in the park home run. Barr pulled out all the stops to round the bases after the throw to first overshot into the outfield.

The Knights were down 6-7 going into the bottom of the 7th inning (the final inning of the game, for those more accustomed to baseball). With two outs, Julia Slaughter dropped a long fly ball at the base of the center field wall, crossing home plate with the Knight’s second in the park home run of the game to tie it up. Slaughter was followed by Alice Norton and senior Abby Salerno both keeping the game alive with base hits, Norton making it to third as Kendall Harvey stepped up to the plate. With Harvey providing pressure at bat, Brashier’s catcher failed to stop a pitch, allowing Alice Norton to make a break from third base and slide into home to win the game for the Knights!

Congratulations to our softball ladies on such an exciting win and to our seniors and their families!

#7 – Maegan White
#11 – Maggie Barr
#16 – Abbie Salerno

Wizard of Oz Spring Musical Delights

This year’s spring musical production, The Wizard of Oz, was a tremendous success, drawing praise across the board for performance and technical presentation. The show involved a particularly large cast as many sixth grade students were casted as munchkins along side their high school friends.

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“I am incredibly proud of and humbled by the immense student talent that was displayed throughout the production process in design, construction, and performance and am grateful for all who came out to support the show,” said director and Fine Arts Department Chair Teresa McGrath. “The students were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement they received from the school community.”

“It was one of the more enjoyable shows I’ve seen in all my years here,” said Headmaster Kiser. “Perfectly cast, with great singing, music, and dancing. All the parent involvement with sets and costumes was impressive too! All in all, a weekend to be justly proud of the SJCS arts program, not to mention a fitting final show for all the seniors.”

Special thanks to Marjorie Malphrus (orchestra), Tami Kiser (dance choreography), and Angela Hayes (chorus) for their excellent work!


Dorothy – Elizabeth Poinsette
Aunt Em/Glinda – Dessa Jones
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch – Meghan Malone Zeke/Cowardly Lion – Max Weaver Hickory/Tinman – Alex Malvern Hunk/Scarecrow – Joey Stansberry
Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard – Alex Hoverath
Prof. Chester Marvel/The Wizard of Oz – Ethan Montes


Rachel Balts
Maggie Barr
Anna Rose Bradley
Chloe Bradley
Margaret Coburn
Noah Davis
Camille Ferguson
Daniela Fernandez
Natalia Freund

Emily Gushue
Elizabeth Harris
Prosser Heroman
Lyle Jones
Walker Jones
Tessa Kelly
Marie Koon
Maddie Koontz
Sophie Lee Kiser

Isabel Moran
Sarah Morris
Kate Noel
Gabby Olewiler
Max Orbon
Sarah Paguaga
Jordan Plumblee
Sarah Poteat
Annie Puckett

Amber Purney
Jonathan Read
Palmer Saad
Marie Schemitsch
Dillon Spikings
Meghan Spikings
Abby Weaver
Dante Wells
Grace Widman
Maria Wilson

Theatre Production Design Team & Crew

Lucy Abramovitz
Margaret Coburn
Carson Crockett
Braeden Donovan
Sara Gushue
Elizabeth Harris
Will Harvey

Zachary Hoover
Abby Horne
Anna Impegdulia
Dessa Jones
Jacob Kiser
Maddie Koontz
Sophie Lee Kiser

Meghan Malone
Alex Malvern
Philip Mosley
Helen Norton
Luke Perham
Elizabeth Poinsette
Clara Puckett

Eleni San
Emma Kate Seckinger
Dillon Spikings
Abby Weaver
Dante Wells
Maria Wilson

Students in Orchestra

Julia Arnett
Kimsey Fiddie
Sara Gushue