Sixth Grade Academy Participates in Hour of Code

In conjunction with Computer Science Education Week during December, St. Joseph’s sixth graders participated in Google’s Hour of Code from CS First. CS First is a free web-based program that exposes students to computer science through video tutorials and modules that students participate in as after-school, in-school and summer programs. Designed for grades 4-8, the clubs teach students about computer science and coding in a hands-on, learning-by-doing way.

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Hour of Code is part of a nationwide effort to get kids doing computer coding, which can spark an interest in creativity and computer science. During their Foundations class with Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, our students followed along with a video-based coding activity to create an original animated story. The instruction was very simple and engaging, requiring no experience in coding from either the students.

Thank you to Mrs. Duncan for bringing this opportunity to her class in the Sixth Grade Academy!