Sixth Grade Academy Altruism in Action: Water of Life Ministry Visit

On Thursday, November 29th, the Sixth Grade Academy continued its Altruism in Action series with a visit from Water of Life Ministry. The students, who are currently studying the virtue of compassion, listened intently to their guest speaker Sarah Kelley as she shared the about the mission of Water of Life – to support communities in need in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and India by providing clean water through drilling new wells, sharing the Gospel, and helping to break cycles of poverty. One of the most pressing needs they face in India is the desperation of child slavery.

Mrs. Kelley explained to the students the caste system of India, and of the “untouchables,” largely familiar in the United States as those Mother Theresa served. She explained that thousands of children, average age 9, are forced into slavery in the brick and slate mines underground, often because of their families live in extreme poverty. It was very hard for our students to grasp that these children do not get to go home at night but are forced to sleep in these mines with very little food. Mrs. Kelley told the students that they are rescuing these children from the mines and are giving them medical attention, clothes and schooling so they can earn a living. Many of the little girls they rescue learn to sew and work as tailors. In order to help raise money to rescue other children from slavery, these little girls also make stuffed elephants which they sell for $15 each. Some of the money raised from these elephants also goes toward the drilling of new wells, which in turn helps to break the cycle of poverty in rural villages by sparing children and parents hours of walking each day to bring dirty water home to their families. The cost of one Water of Life Ministries well is $3,500.

The Academy students and teachers were very moved by this presentation and asked if some of the elephants could stay at the school, both for the children to purchase and to be able to help them share the story. If you would like to see or purchase them, contact any of the Sixth Grade Academy teachers!

More information about Water of Life can be found at their website at