National Honors Students Pair up with Sixth Grade Academy For Mentorship Program

One of the most widely recognized benefits of the St. Joseph’s experience is the opportunity for mentorship between our middle and high school students. While many of these moments are spontaneous, springing from a genuine sense of camaraderie (such as this great moment between the varsity football players and the middle school team at Senior Night last week) some are formal and have direct and intentional impact on the student experience.

Last week, our high school National Honor Society seniors were paired with the Sixth Grade Academy students for a buddy mentorship program. The program is designed to provide academic tutoring, but also opportunity to build friendships between the older and younger students. Last Thursday, the students met their buddies for the first time out on the football field for get-to-know-you games and to kick off the year together.

“The benefits go both ways,” says Jeanne McCoy, head of the SJCS National Honors Society. “We hope that the sixth graders will feel a sense of belonging at St. Joe’s with a built in friend/mentor. It is intended to help build community, communication and perhaps even practical skills for them. For the NHS members, it encourages peer modeling, leadership development, and good citizenship. We hope that the students form lasting, meaningful relationships.”

Already, the students have begun dropping off notes of encouragement and small gifts at each other’s lockers. Thank you to Madame McCoy for initiating this program, and to the Sixth Grade Academy team for their help!