45-0 Homecoming Victory Ahead of Hurricane Threats

Homecoming 2018 will be remembered along side the approach of Hurricane Florence, as the upcoming storm forced the reschedule of the game, tailgating festivities, and dance. However, the Knights didn’t let the inconvenience throw off their groove one bit.

The Thursday night game was a decisive 45-0 victory over West Oak. The Knights scored their first touchdown in the first ten minutes of the game with a 15 yard rush by the quarterback Luke Bynum, followed ten minutes later by another 17 yard rushing touchdown by Bynum. Before the first quarter ran out, Kyle Lonergan caught a beautiful pass to put away one more touchdown for the Knights. The Knights continued to perform with touchdowns by Harrison Scott and Rashad Luckey, big sacks by Jake Johanning and Alec Miller, and consistent work by kicker Jadin Nassif, including a 15 yard field goal to bring the final score to 45-0.

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Homecoming Court was presented at halftime, with Jack Malo and Ava Keating crowned King and Queen. The court also included a young stand-in, sixth grader Lucas Salgado, representing his older brother Marcos Salgado, who was injured in the Knights game against Liberty. Many of Salgado’s teammates dedicated the game to him as he recovers from ankle surgery and will be out the rest of the season.


The Communications Department would like to offer special thanks to Student Council members Annika Bissinger and Hallie Palms for their live social media coverage of last night’s game! Interested in volunteering? Contact Sarah Pelicano.