Sixth Grade Academy Hot Air Balloon Visit

The Sixth Grade Academy students kicked off their year in style this Thursday with a visit from SkyScapes of America, a local Anderson company who brought a magnificent hot air balloon to campus! The students recently completed a reading assignment, The Twenty-One Balloons, and in addition to a day of learning about the history of balloon travel and the countries discussed in the story, the Academy teachers, Mr. Assinesi, Mrs. Connelly, Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Duncan, and Mrs. Shapiro, created an unforgettable experience by bringing SkyScapes in for some first hand hot air balloon learning!

The students were able to see the entire assembly process and cheered as the balloon inflated and rose off the ground! The pilots tethered the craft securely and then gathered the students around the basket to show them all the behind the scenes details and answer their questions.

Thank you to our awesome Academy teaching team for putting together such a great day, and special thanks to the faculty and staff who came out to help set up!