Middle School Agape – Building the Whole Person

St. Joe’s has no lack of motivated students, but the Middle School Agape group is raising the bar. This Friday morning at 7:00 AM, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders filled the Meeting Room to gather with their friends for a common purpose – to be a mutual encouragement for each other as they strive to live their faith as Middle School students.

The students are led in prayer and hear from an upperclassman at each meeting, this week from Junior Abbie Panuccio. As a high school student on the Varsity Soccer team and a member of the Student Council, Abbie is a powerful voice and a great example of the fruitful mentorship our high school offers to the middle school.

As with the High School Agape group, which meets at the same time in the balcony of the JP II Center, the Middle School Agape is an open-invitation event. If your student is in need of encouragement or looking for a way to grow, this could be a great group for them to come check out! Middle School parents are also invited to gather in the Library during the meeting for fellowship, donuts and coffee.

To learn more, contact Campus Minister Gabe Lewis.