Introducing St. Joseph’s Sixth Grade Academy

Beginning Fall 2018 – An educational experience that will allow sixth graders to grow and flourish during their middle school years.

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• The Academy will offer a contained space within the school, devoted exclusively to sixth grade classrooms, in order to ease the challenges of the middle school transition: multiple teachers, the changing of classes, lockers, a new environment, and new friends.
• The Academy will help sixth graders become more independent by promoting a love of learning and by equipping students with the executive functioning skills and study habits that have proven effective in education.
• A dedicated team of sixth grade teachers will allow faculty to know each student well and therefore promote a sixth grade learning atmosphere that is responsive to each student’s needs.
• The Academy will create a learning community where each child will be known, loved, and valued for what he or she brings to the group.
• A series of community and team-building activities will allow each individual student to develop better relationships with teachers and other students.

A Sixth Grade Academy Kick-Off Night is scheduled for January 23, 2018