Submit Your Nominations through December 15


To celebrate our 25th anniversary, St. Joseph’s Catholic School is honoring our graduates by collecting and sharing stories of those who are already fulfilling the hopes of Margaret Ann Moon, one of our school’s founders, who believed that “our graduates are destined to change the world.” The school will award a Mind Award, a Heart Award, and a Soul Award to three graduates who are truly doing extraordinary things in their young adult lives.

Nominations are now closed. 

Award winners will be notified by January 15th with the Awards being presented at St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s 25th Anniversary Celebration to be held on campus on Saturday evening, February 3, 2018.

The Mind Award will be given to a graduate who has made a significant contribution in the area of intellectual development, whether in education, academic research, commerce, social services, or the arts. The Mind Award rewards creative thinking and the implementation of new ideas in the community.

The Heart Award will be given to a graduate who has dedicated his or her talents to making life better for others. Areas of contribution could include social services, non-profit work, family life, professional services, business, athletics, and the arts.

The Soul Award will be given to a graduate who has made a significant and tangible contribution to building up the faith lives of others. This could mean someone who has entered vocational ministry or someone who has, through lay leadership and service, benefited their local parish, church, or parachurch organization.