SJCS Receives Valued Lives Award for School Excellence in Diversity

StJosephs_UDLAD-7 (Medium)On May 10th, St. Joseph’s was honored to receive the Valued Lives Award for School Excellence in Diversity during the 13th Annual Upstate Diversity Leadership Awards. The awards are hosted by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and the Riley Institute at Furman, in partnership with Upstate Chambers.

We are so proud of the efforts of our students and the leadership of the PFFDD (Pope Francis Forum for Dialogue and Diversity) in striving to make our school culture one of inclusion that recognises “there are many members, but one body.” ( 1 Cor 12:20) Special thanks to teacher Jennie Neighbors for her incredible work with the PFFDD!

This award recognizes excellence in diversity by acknowledging the valued practices in K-12
schools. To be considered for this award, schools have recognized the following practices:
V—encouraging value for personal expression and experience
A—fostering awareness and self-reflection
L—promoting learning and inclusive teaching
U—uniting communities by involvement and service
E—demonstrating equity in the school’s programs, staff, and practices
D—engaging in continuous dialogue and meaningful interactions

Schools receiving this award have done an outstanding job in weaving these principles into its vision and mission and have promoted these principles beyond the walls of the school, demonstrating that all individuals are important and have the potential to be significant contributors to the Upstate community and beyond.