St. Joe’s Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Addition

Kiser - Joe and Mary Salgado - Ted Kelly - Todd Malo - Joby Moon - Joe PazdanOn Wednesday, February 1, the St. Joseph’s family celebrated the groundbreaking for the new building, which is anticipated to be complete in January 2018. With most of the student body, the Board of Trustees, the Steering Committee, and Dr. Joby Moon present, Mr. Kiser opened the official blessing and groundbreaking with the following comments:

“Welcome to our groundbreaking ceremony.  It wasn’t that long ago that the students were gathered in this very same spot to kick-off the public phase of the UKnight Campaign.  Thanks to the generosity of 260 donors, we are gathered here today to break ground on a new three-story building that will house badly needed new science labs, girls and boys locker rooms, coaches and athletic director offices, and a whole floor of flexible academic space to be developed as needed.  This truly was an appropriately named campaign for the community was indeed UKnighted around this project with gifts coming from all trustees, 86% of faculty and staff, 35% of parents, and many, many friends in the community – most of whom who have supported us for years.

335As we break ground today, I want to thank Dr. Joby Moon for issuing the $1M challenge grant to get the fund-raising started.  It would be impossible to overestimate all that Joby and his late wife Margaret Ann meant to the success of St. Joseph’s.  Without your generosity, Joby, we wouldn’t be standing here today.

I also want to thank the members of the Steering Committee, chaired by Joe and Mary Salgado, under the direction of our Development Office led by Kevin Meyer (formerly by Gina Turcotte) for doing the hard work of soliciting donations.  This is thankless work that no one wants to really do.  It requires persistence and grit.  Thank you for getting the job done.  Our consultant, Chris Stowers, from the Winker Group, was a Godsend.  He knew just when and how to motivate us to keep going when we were having trouble getting appointments and the donations were coming in slowly.  Thank you also to our business office, under CFO Ann O’Dea, for figuring out the most responsible way for us to finance the project and thank you to South State Bank, for partnering with us.

Dr Joby Moon 02We are also grateful for our architect, McMillian, Pazdan, Smith, and our builder Mavin Construction, both of whom have strong ties to and a history with the school, as well as both being generous supporters of our mission and projects.

Finally, I wanted to give you a rough sketch of the timeline of the project, if all goes according to plan:

  • March – Site prep and construction will begin
  • January 2018 – We’ll be ready to cut the ribbon to occupy the building for the start of the second semester

This is an exciting project that will significantly impact how the students experience the school for decades to come, and we should all be incredibly grateful to the donors who made this possible through their generosity.”