Announcing France & Spain Trip June 2018


Travel is a tremendously valuable and irreplaceable part of learning! Over the years, our students have experienced the personal transformation that occurs by watching other cultures come alive right in front of them, gaining a deeper understanding of history and culture than their textbooks could ever convey. They have learned to navigate foreign cities, try out the languages they have studied, and built independence and confidence as they explored new places and local customs. In June 2018, Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Fesler will be leading students on a trip to France and Spain, with an exciting itinerary leading from Paris to Madrid, seeing the most famous sights in each city.

From touring the Arc de Triomphe, to visiting the awe-inspiring Sainte Chapelle, to climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, students will visit the most famous landmarks in Paris. Students will see the opulent lifestyle of King Louis XIV with a visit to the grand palace of Versailles and a bike tour of its expansive grounds and gardens. From Paris we will head southwest to Biarritz, the seaside resort famed for its Basque heritage and magnificent ocean promenade. The highlight of our stay in this region will be a day’s pilgrimage to Lourdes, famous for its miraculous spring and sacred grotto. We will continue along the Atlantic Coast to explore San Sebastián, the Spanish resort town of luxurious villas, gardens, and tiny streets. Our voyage continues to Bilbao where we will visit the renowned Guggenheim museum and to Burgos, once home of legendary El Cid. Once in Madrid, we will see the Plaza de España with its statue of Don Quixote, the majestic Alcalá Gate, the famous bullring Las Ventas, and the impressive Prado museum. Students will experience culture first hand as we learn flamenco from a professional dancer.

An informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 4 at 6pm in the meeting room. If you are interested but unable to attend the informational meeting, please contact Jeanne McCoy at

Military Appreciation Night


St. Joseph’s football is not a typical team. We are a team that prays before and after every practice and goes to chapel before every contest. We are a team that annually dedicates an entire day to serving the Greenville community, dedicates a game to those suffering medical illnesses, and throughout the year is called upon to serve the school and to help those in the community moving from home to home. We are a team that at the end of every practice shakes every coach’s hand as a token of appreciation and respect. We are a team who, since day one, ends each and every game, win or lose, singing the Salve Regina to thank God.

In keeping with this culture of service, respect, and gratitude, each year since 2012, St. Joseph’s football program has held Military Appreciation Night honoring all military service personnel. This year, the event was held on September 9, 2016.

The players kicked off the night with a procession of our country flag and the flags of the different branches of the military, followed by a prayer for all military. The school trumpeters played a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and our players along with the other team formed a tunnel of pride for any onsite military to walk through. Our athletes walked with signs listing any fallen family members and we hope to extend this next year to the entire SJCS community who wish to participate. The Furman ROTC graciously performed the soldiers cross which honors any fallen soldiers, and both the band and cheerleaders prepared special tribute performances. This year, our annual t-shirt sale totaled $300, all proceeds of which are donated to the Travis Manion Foundation. We were also fortunate to have Father Patrick Cooper, Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish and military veteran, as our honorary captain for the coin toss.

Finally, our players gave up the team jersey for the night and instead wore a military jersey with the word “courage” displayed, honoring the knowledge that the courage it takes to battle on the football field is nothing in comparison to the courage it takes to serve our country.

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