TRACE Advocates Red Ribbon Week

National Red Ribbon Week was celebrated at SJCS during the week of October 25 and promoted by the high school club TRACE (Teens Rising Against Challenges Everyday). Moderated by faculty members Leigh Berman and Christine Wiethop, the students coordinated various activities and displays to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse for both middle and high school students. The group members read information about substance abuse during the daily announcements, distributed red ribbons to households, encouraged students to sign a banner and pledge to be drug free, held a red sock dress down day, created a sidewalk graveyard with the names of individuals who have lost their lives to drug abuse or drunk driving, exchanged baked goods for harmful tobacco and alcohol ads, and gave away bracelets, Frisbees, and lanyards at the home football game. Most impactful were the two guest speakers who spoke to the SJCS community about their previous history of substance abuse and steps into recovery. This allowed students to ask questions and get honest answers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol from individuals who were not much older than our seniors.

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